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AFLW: Hooker says Freo need team performance

Dana Hooker says there needs to be more 'spread across the board' when it comes to input on the field

8:09pm  Feb 26, 2017

Michelle Cowan Q & A: Rd 4 v Crows

The senior coach addressed the media post-match on Sunday

8:08pm  Feb 26, 2017

AFLW: Crows over-run Freo

Fremantle has been defeated by Adelaide by 23 points on Sunday afternoon

8:05pm  Feb 26, 2017

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The following list outlines the jumper numbers worn by all players who have played at least one senior game for the Fremantle Dockers. Last updated November 2016.

*Denotes current player

Number 1Four representatives231 games total
1995-1996 Scott Edwards 15 games
1997-2002Luke Toia50 games
2004-2007 Luke Webster 33 games
2010-2016Hayden Ballantyne133 games*


Number 2Five representatives258 games total
1995-1996 Scott Watters 26 games
1998-2001Adrian Fletcher79 games
2002-2004 Troy Simmonds 64 games
2005-2008Josh Carr65 games
2010-2016 Anthony Morabito 24 games


Number 3Six representatives282 games total
1995 Brendan Krummel 1 game
1996Brad Rowe8 games
1997-2000 Greg Harding 51 games
2001Daniel Metropolis6 games
2003-2011 Byron Schammer 129 games
2012-2016Zac Dawson87 games*


Number 4Four representatives307 games total
1995-1999 Andrew Wills 79 games
2000-2010Paul Hasleby208 games
2011-2013 Jayden Pitt 10 games
2014Colin Sylvia6 games


Number 5Five representatives236 games total
1995-1996 Todd Ridley 21 games
1997-1999Daniel Parker24 games
2000-2003 Anthony Jones 36 games
2004-2008Ryley Dunn8 games
2009-2016 Garrick Ibbotson 147 games*


Number 6Eight representatives346 games total
1995-1996 Phil Gilbert 14 games
1998Stuart Anderson9 games
1999-2001 Tony Modra 47 games
2002-2005Dion Woods51 games
2006 Paul Medhurst 12 games
2007-2009Dean Solomon51 games
2010-2012 Greg Broughton 68 games
2013-2016Danyle Pearce94 games*


Number 7Five representatives295 games total
1995-1997 Ben Allan 47 games
1998-2001Heath Black54 games
2002 Jeff Farmer 20 games
2005-2009Brett Peake75 games
2011-2016 Nat Fyfe 99 games*


Number 8Two representatives372 games total
1995-2008 Shaun McManus 228 games
2008-2016Nick Suban144 games*


Number 9Six representatives345 games total
1995-1999 Peter Mann 77 games
2000Craig Callaghan11 games
2001-2008 Matthew Carr 134 games
2009Marcus Drum5 games
2010-2012 Adam McPhee 56 games
2013-2016Matt de Boer62 games


Number 10Five representatives377 games total
1995-1999 Stephen O'Reilly 98 games
2000-2007Troy Cook150 games
2008-2011 Rhys Palmer 53 games
2012Nick Lower3 games
2013-2016 Michael Walters 73 games*


Number 11Three representatives308 games total
1995-2002 Dale Kickett 135 games
2003-2010Des Headland114 games
2012-2016 Tommy Sheridan 59 games*


Number 12Six representatives190 games total
1995 Brendon Retzlaff 6 games
1996-1997Jamie Merillo15 games
1998-2001 Brad Dodd 50 games
2003-2006Graham Polak67 games
2007-2010 Brock O'Brien 3 games
2011-2016Jonathon Griffin49 games*


Number 13Eight representatives212 games total
1995-1998 Scott Chisholm 63 games
1999-2000Garth Taylor15 games
2001 Dwayne Simpson 2 games
2004-2005Dylan Smith10 games
2007 Clayton Collard 1 game
2009Luke Pratt1 game
2010 Nat Fyfe 18 games
2011-2016Tendai Mzungu102 games


Number 14Five representatives263 games total
1995-1998 Kingsley Hunter 41 games
1999Paul Maher2 games
2001-2012 Antoni Grover 193 games
2013-2014Josh Simpson2 games
2015-2016 Lachie Weller 25 games*


Number 15Five representatives283 games total
1995-1997 Winston Abraham 38 games
1998-2000Jess Sinclair41 games
2002 Luke McPharlin 11 games
2005-2015Ryan Crowley188 games
2016 Ethan Hughes 5 games*


Number 16Four representatives320 games total
1995 John Hutton 13 games
1996-1997David Hynes13 games
1998-2000 Clem Michael 210 games
2005-2016David Mundy251 games*


Number 17Eight representatives174 games total
1996-1997 Greg Madigan 8 games
1998-2000Brodie Holland36 games
2001-2002 Adam McPhee 25 games
2005-2006Jarrod Schofield12 games
2007 Chris Tarrant 21 games
2008Mark Johnson14 games
2009 Hayden Ballantyne 8 games
2012-2016Hayden Crozier50 games*


Number 18Four representatives304 games total
1996-1998 Michael Brown 22 games
2000-2002Brendon Fewster37 games
2003-2015 Luke McPharlin 233 games
2016Darcy Tucker12 games*


Number 19Five representatives241 games total
1995-1998 Gary Dhurrkay 51 games
1999-2007James Walker151 games
2008-2011 Clayton Hinkley 22 games
2013Alex Forster1 game
2015-2016 Connor Blakely 16 games*


Number 20Six representatives239 games total
1995 Clinton Wolf 4 games
1997Martin Whitelaw1 game
1999-2007 Justin Longmuir 139 games
2008-2010Chris Tarrant51 games
2013 Viv Michie 1 game
2014-2016Matt Taberner43 games*


Number 21Seven representatives293 games total
1995-1996 David Muir 20 games
1997Heath Black15 games
1998-1999 Daniel Hargraves 3 games
2000-2004Troy Longmuir55 games
2005-2008 Heath Black 69 games
2009Andrew Foster5 games
2010-2016 Michael Barlow 126 games


Number 22Six representatives126 games total
1995 Travis Edmonds 1 game
1996-1998Tony Godden11 games
1999 Trent Carroll 14 games
2002-2010Scott Thornton88 games
2011-2012 Jack Anthony 8 games
2013-2016Tanner Smith4 games


Number 23Two representatives410 games total
1995-2007 Shane Parker 238 games
2008-2016Chris Mayne172 games


Number 24Six representatives174 games total
1995-1999 Matthew Burton 70 games
2000-2001Brad Wira13 games
2002-2003 Trent Croad 38 games
2006-2009Adam Campbell13 games
2019-2012 Dylan Roberton 37 games
2014-2015Max Duffy3 games


Number 25Four representatives256 games total
1995-2002 Jason Norrish 128 games
2004-2010Steven Dodd101 games
2011-2013 Josh Mellington 6 games
2015-2016Alex Pearce21 games*


Number 26Three representatives189 games total
1995-2004 Clive Waterhouse 106 games
2008-2014Kepler Bradley68 games
2015-2016 Ed Langdon 15 games*


Number 27Six representatives158 games total
1995 Jay Burton 2 games
2000-2001Daniel Schell11 games
2002 Graham Polak 6 games
2004-2009Daniel Gilmore43 games
2010-2011 Justin Bollenhagen 4 games
2012-2016Lachie Neale92 games*


Number 28Four representatives132 games total
1996-2003 Steven Koops 78 games
2004-2010Ryan Murphy48 games
2011-2013 Peter Faulks 3 games
2015-2016Brady Grey3 games


Number 29Two representatives377 games total
1999 Brad Wira 21 games
2000-2016Matthew Pavlich353 games


Number 30Four representatives209 games total
1995-1999 Tony Delaney 28 games
2000-2002Leigh Brown63 games
2006-2008 Marcus Drum 17 games
2009-2016Zac Clarke101 games*


Number 31Four representatives351 games total
1995 Leigh Wardell-Johnson 11 games
1996-2000James Clement84 games
2001-2002 Simon Eastaugh 12 games
2003-2016Aaron Sandilands244 games*


Number 32Five representatives394 games total
1995 Peter Bell 2 games
1996Greg Harding18 games
1998-1999 Chris Bond 41 games
2001-2008Peter Bell161 games
2009-2016 Stephen Hill 172 games*


Number 33Five representatives255 games total
1995-1997 Craig Burrows 20 games
1999-2002Andrew Shipp35 games
2003-2008 Jeff Farmer 111 games
2011Ben Bucovaz2 games
2012-2016 Cameron Sutcliffe 87 games*


Number 34Seven representatives274 games total
1995-1997 Jeff White 32 games
1998Paul Maher3 games
2001 Dion Woods 8 games
2002-2005Paul Medhurst87 games
2007-2008 Robert Warnock 21 games
2011Nick Lower19 games
2012-2016 Lee Spurr 104 games*


Number 35Seven representatives101 games total
1995 Chris Groom 7 games
1998Brendon Feddema3 games
1999-2000 Mark Gale 28 games
2002-2005Andrew Siegert36 games
2007-2008 Garrick Ibbotson 20 games
2009-2010Tim Ruffles5 games
2014-2016 Michael Apeness 7 games*


Number 36Four representatives176 games total
1995-1998 Quenton Leach 56 games
1999-2001Ashley Prescott38 games
2002-2009 Andrew Browne 29 games
2010-2016Alex Silvagni53 games


Number 37Three representatives256 games total
1995-1998 Mark Gale 43 games
2003Luke Webster4 games
2005-2016 Michael Johnson 209 games*


Number 38Four representatives120 games total
1995-1998 Anthony Jones 46 games
2000-2004Ben Cunningham33 games
2009-2012 Michael Walters 21 games
2013-2016Jack Hannath20 games


Number 39Three representatives18 games total
1999 Michael Clark 1 game
2002-2003Daniel Haines16 games
2011 Casey Sibosado 1 game


Number 40Eight representatives148 games total
1996 Luke Toia 13 games
1997Jess Sinclair9 games
1998 James Walker 4 games
2000-2001Brad Bootsma23 games
2007-2007 Andrew Foster 4 games
2009-2012Matt de Boer76 games
2013-2015 Craig Moller 1 game
2016Sam Collins12 games


Number 41Five representatives193 games total
1996 Daniel Parker 1 game
1997-1999Matthew Clucas11 games
2001 Keren Ugle 4 games
2006-2015Paul Duffield171 games
2016 Shane Yarran 6 games*


Number 42Four representatives154 games total
1995-1999 Craig Callaghan 84 games
2001-2007Robbie Haddrill58 games
2008-2009 Josh Head 9 games
2013-2014Matt Taberner2 games
2015-2016 Ethan Hughes 1 game


Number 43Two representatives191 games total
1995-1998 Andrew McGovern 63 games
2002-2011Roger Hayden128 games


Number 44Three representatives125 games total
1995-2001 Daniel Bandy 105 games
2006Michael Warren1 game
2010-2013 Jesse Crichton 18 games
2015Jacob Ballard1 game


Number 45One representative36 games total
1996-1997 Gavin Mitchell 36 games


Number 46Three representatives142 games total
1997-1998 Trent Carroll 33 games
1999-2000Antoni Grover9 games
2009-2016 Clancee Pearce 100 games


Number 47Two representatives47 games total
1995 Jamie Merillo 15 games
2009-2012Jay van Berlo32 games


Number 48Two representatives33 games total
1995 Greg Madigan 18 games
2009Greg Broughton15 games


Number 49One representative16 games total
1995 Peter Miller 16 games


Number 50One representative7 games total
1995 Neil Mildenhall 7 games