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Eastaugh reveals Sandi's secret

5:18pm  Feb 5, 2016

Mundy's apprenticeship pays off

1:56pm  Feb 3, 2016

Langdon's learning

5:31pm  Feb 2, 2016

Blakely's versatility

3:20pm  Feb 1, 2016


When "Robbo" met Ross

Ross Lyon spoke with The Herald Sun's Mark Robinson on the weekend

9:21pm Feb 7, 2016


Superbowl Freo player comparisons

Here are some player comparisons to make Superbowl viewing easier

4:04pm Feb 7, 2016


Harley Bennell embracing Freo culture: Lyon

He's embraced what we're all about

3:25pm Feb 7, 2016


Eastaugh reveals key to Sandilands' success

Sandilands' consistent pursuit of improvement has been one of the key contributors to his success

8:28pm Feb 5, 2016


Training Report: Friday 5 February

The Fremantle Dockers training on Friday consisted of an intense, full match simulation with umpires in attendance

6:05pm Feb 5, 2016


We need to build and improve: Lyon

Ross Lyon says Fremantle's goal is to be consistent and to challenge

11:59am Feb 5, 2016


Fans #AskTheCoach, Ross Lyon Answered

Fremante Dockers coach Ross Lyon took to Twitter today to answer fans questions from AFL HQ

2:18pm Feb 4, 2016


Increased intensity "fun" for Mundy

Intensity at Freo training sessions has gone up a notch

7:07pm Feb 3, 2016


Four umpires on hold

The AFL won't introduce a fourth field umpire as a permanent fixture during season 2016, despite several successful trials last year

5:34pm Feb 3, 2016


Freo Fantasy League

AFL Fantasy is underway for the 2016 season and that means bragging rights and big prizes are up for grabs

3:29pm Feb 3, 2016


Langdon's team bonding break

Bonding with your teammates is probably the most important part

6:47pm Feb 2, 2016


Why 'Mora' move could pay off

'Mora' has been more defensive in his approach this pre season, often lining up on key forwards Matt Taberner and Matthew Pavlich in training

2:00pm Feb 2, 2016


NAB Challenge ticketing info

Tickets on sale for Fremantle Dockers members on Tuesday 2 February

11:00am Feb 2, 2016


Morabito in 'superb shape'

Anthony Morabito appears set for a new role in defence after an uninterrupted summer on the training track

6:29pm Feb 1, 2016


Training Report: Monday 1 February

Match day simulation, full ground training and contested football were emphasised at Fremantle's training session on Monday

6:19pm Feb 1, 2016


Bigger Blakely embracing midfield role

Fremantle Docker Connor Blakely said he quickly realised the physical demands of AFL football

4:26pm Feb 1, 2016


Have a break...have a yabby?

Find out what the players got up to during their three-day break

2:47pm Feb 1, 2016


Could Hill go back?

Stephen Hill expects to spend some time in the backline again in 2016 as the Freo look to improve their rebound and transition

2:34pm Feb 1, 2016


'Usual suspects' at it again

Defender Alex Silvagni said it had been the familiar faces in the forward line that continue to impress

2:12pm Jan 29, 2016


Making Lucas’ day

Matt de Boer had a special birthday surprise for a young Freo fan

6:04pm Jan 28, 2016