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Lyon: This is the real AFL

David Sygall -  August 12, 2017 1:33 PM

Ross Lyon spent majority of the second half coaching from the bench in the 104-point loss to Sydney.

Ross Lyon has implored his Fremantle side to think beyond the 'bubble in Perth' and learn from opponent Sydney and their outstanding attack on the ball.

Fremantle were dealt a record 104-point thrashing by the Swans on Saturday at the SCG, and Lyon said there were some serious lessons to be learned, particularly from his younger players.

"This is the real AFL and that’s what we spoke about. As long as they learn that, they can go forward,” Lyon said.

"You don’t sit in your bubble in Perth and people slap your back after beating Gold Coast."

His players needed to take notice that winning clubs “play with the intent and attack on the ball that the Swans displayed today”.

Fremantle had few winners itself after the biggest loss any club has suffered in season 2017.

There was Nat Fyfe, who dug in but was overwhelmed and Stephen Hill, who also knew what it would take to beat Sydney. But, for the rest, the teaching for Freo was clear.

“Those young players need to learn that lesson,” Lyon said.

Asked if his changerooms presently had players who represented more than just the desire to make a living playing footy, Lyon responded: “We think we do. But it takes time to get to that level. We understand that. Our club’s been at that level of playing in prelims and Grand Finals for a period of time."

“I understand what it looks like and what it feels like and the intent (required), and so does Fyfe and so does Hill.

"But over time you’re going to filter out those at your club that do and those that don’t. We think there’s a bit of character in there.

"We’re not enjoying this, but we’re seeing it as part of the journey. It’s about more than this game. It’s always about more than the game you’re playing. There’s always a big picture.”