Fremantle may be forced onto the road in the 2022 NAB AFLW season once again due to the West Australian border.

CEO Simon Garlick is expecting some disruption in the upcoming season, which is due to kick off in early January.

Currently, travel to Western Australia is open for visitors from the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. Victoria and New South Wales is rated an "extreme risk" due to its number of COVID-19 cases, with permits and 14 days quarantine needed in order to enter the state.

"We've certainly got significant uncertainty around the AFLW season in particular, that's coming up on us really soon," Garlick told Sportsday on Wednesday.

"Whilst we understand the premier's going to outline a bit of a roadmap out by the end of this week, I'd imagine that's not going to be as early as January. I hope it might be, but I imagine it won't be.

"I was with our girls on Monday night, and there's an element of uncertainty on that front, which is obviously exacerbated by the fact most work full-time or are studying or otherwise, which has a more significant impact.

"That's one we're really trying to get as much certainty as soon as we can. I'm kind of resigned to the fact there's going to be an element whereby we might have to travel, or there'll be an interrupted season of some sort for our W team."

Garlick explained the issue is the uncertainty around whether the hard border will open to the eastern states, with the AFLW fixture believed to be released in mid-to-late November.

"In terms of W, the communication (with the AFL) has been fantastic," Garlick said.

"There's still a great deal of unknown, but it's no through lack of communication, it's just the fact it's very difficult to deal with the borders when we don't know what they're going to be doing in the next month or so."