Clubs are in discussions over potential pick swaps as Fremantle mulls its call with the first pick on night two of the NAB AFL Draft.

Fremantle are in a very strong position as they hold pick No.21 after the first round of selections were completed on Wednesday night, with local midfielder Matt Johnson still on the table having received interest from within the top 10.

Victorian pair Josh Goater, a half-back/midfielder, and Blake Howes, a wingman/forward, are also expected to come into consideration with picks early in the second round, as well as speedy half-forward/midfielder Sam Butler and small forward Jesse Motlop.

Johnson was in the mix for the Hawks' pick No.7 before they sided with Josh Ward, and the Hawks hold picks 23 and 26 heading into the second night. After Fremantle at No.21 is North Melbourne, while Geelong has picks 24 and 25 after securing the latter in a deal with the Western Bulldogs.

As in the 2018-19 drafts which were held over two days, picks at the top of the second round become of huge value to clubs searching to push up the board and grab the players who were left undrafted on the opening night.


It could mean if Fremantle was happy with two or three options available to them, the Dockers could slide back down the draft board and in turn pick up a strong draft selection for this year or next simply for moving back.

The quality players available to Fremantle vindicates the club's stance during the trade period of not using the first pick of the second night of the draft in a deal to land Jordan Clark from Geelong

Bids are expected to come in the first 10 or so selections tonight for Greater Western Sydney Academy prospect Josh Fahey and St Kilda Next Generation Academy product Mitchito Owens, with the Blues linked to a bid on half-back Fahey and the Tigers a chance to bid on Owens.

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Ruckman Toby Conway will come into contention for Geelong and also the Blues, while the Hawks have done plenty of work on Butler and could be a chance to nab him. Tyler Sonsie, too, will be in the mix for Hawthorn's selections but could also be available for the Tigers' stretch of three straight picks from No.28-30. 

Connor MacDonald is also a player of interest in the early stages of Thursday's draft, with the Kangaroos, Hawks, Geelong and Carlton all weighing up the strong-bodied midfielder, while Motlop could also come into contention for the Dockers, Roos and Blues. 

Motlop is tied to the Dockers as a NGA player but the club only gets access to him after pick 40 under metropolitan NGA rules, so if the Dockers wanted him they could need to grab him before the Roos consider.

Skilful midfielder Zac Taylor is another in the mix for the Blues but could also be available at the Swans with their pick No.33. 


21 - Fremantle
22 - North Melbourne
23 - Hawthorn
24 - Geelong
25 - Geelong
26 - Hawthorn
27 - Carlton
28 - Richmond
29 - Richmond
30 - Richmond
31 - West Coast
32 - Geelong
33 - Sydney
34 - North Melbourne
35 - Adelaide
36 - West Coast
37 - North Melbourne
38 - Melbourne


39 - Sydney
40 - Brisbane
41 - Western Bulldogs
42 - Melbourne
43 - Geelong
44 - Essendon
45 - Collingwood
46 - GWS Giants
47 - GWS Giants
48 - St Kilda
49 - Essendon
50 - Melbourne
51 - Collingwood


52 - Hawthorn
53 - Fremantle
54 - St Kilda
55 - Port Adelaide
56 - Carlton
57 - Hawthorn
58 - St Kilda
59 - St Kilda
60 - West Coast
61 - Fremantle
62 - Sydney
63 - GWS Giants
64 - North Melbourne
65 - Port Adelaide
66 - Western Bulldogs
67 - Port Adelaide
68 - Adelaide


69 - Collingwood
70 - North Melbourne
71 - Adelaide
72 - Hawthorn
73 - Carlton
74 - Richmond
75 - Fremantle
76 - St Kilda
77 - West Coast
78 - Essendon
79 - Sydney
80 - Port Adelaide


81 - Gold Coast
82 - Adelaide
83 - Essendon
84 - Sydney


85 - Gold Coast
86 - Essendon


87 - Collingwood
88 - Geelong
89 - Western Bulldogs


90 - Collingwood
91 - Western Bulldogs


92 - Western Bulldogs


Adelaide   - Round four pick to St Kilda
Brisbane - Round three pick (tied to Port Adelaide; on-traded by GWS) - Round three pick to Geelong
Carlton   - Round three pick to Fremantle
Collingwood - Round three pick (tied to Brisbane; on-traded by Geelong, Hawthorn)
- Round three pick (tied to Hawthorn)
- Round three pick (tied to Richmond)
- Round three pick (tied to Western Bulldogs, on-traded by North Melbourne)
- Round four pick (tied to Adelaide); on-traded by St Kilda)
- Round two pick to Gold Coast
- Round three pick to Gold Coast
- Round four pick to Gold Coast
Fremantle - Round four pick (tied to Geelong) - Round two pick to Gold Coast
- Round three pick to Collingwood
- Round four pick to Gold Coast
Geelong - Round three pick (tied to Carlton; on-traded by Fremantle)
- Round four pick (tied to Hawthorn)
- Round four pick to Fremantle
Gold Coast - Round two pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round two pick (tied to Fremantle)
- Round three pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round four pick (tied to Collingwood)
- Round four pick (tied to Fremantle)
- Round four pick to Collingwood
GWS Giants    
Hawthorn - Round three pick (tied to Fremantle; on-traded by Collingwood)
- Round four pick (tied to Gold Coast; on-traded by Collingwood)
- Round three pick to Collingwood
- Round four pick to Geelong
Melbourne   - Round one pick to Adelaide
North Melbourne - Round four pick (tied to Richmond) - Round two pick to Richmond
- Round three pick to Western Bulldogs
Port Adelaide - Round three pick (tied to Sydney) - Round two pick to West Coast
- Round three pick to GWS Giants
Richmond - Round two pick (tied to North Melbourne) - Round three pick to Collingwood
- Round four pick to North Melbourne
St Kilda   - Round four pick to Collingwood
Sydney - Round one pick (tied to Melbourne; on traded by Adelaide) - Round three pick to Port Adelaide
West Coast - Round two pick (tied to Port Adelaide)  
Western Bulldogs - Round three pick (tied to North Melbourne)