Fremantle’s key defender Laura Pugh stood tall in the backline during Tuesday night’s match helping the team remain undefeated after their six-point win over the Western Bulldogs at VU Whitten Oval.

A perfectly timed touch on the line by Pugh in the final 13 minutes of the last quarter, when Fremantle were leading by only two points, was one of the most crucial moments in the defence where Pugh stopped Kirsty Lamb from scoring a goal in the nail-biting moment. 

“I’m glad I didn’t cut my nails because I think I just got it. Just lucky we had good positioning on the line for that goal,” Pugh said. 

Although the team was playing under windy conditions and a lot of pressure from the Western Bulldogs the tight game saw the backline stand strong in the defence. 

“The backline as a unit has really grown over the past few seasons and probably every single one of them were impressive today and just really communicating and playing our role well,” Pugh said. 

With Janelle Cuthbertson out for six weeks after sustaining a fractured jaw during training, Pugh believes Cuthbertson’s mentoring will help the backline continue to grow in strength. 

“It is a really big loss because she is such a great player. But we definitely have the players who can fill that role as well. She’s going to be there to mentor us when she is on the sidelines, and she’s already been getting around us and helping us in that role which is really great. We hope to see her out there really soon.”

Meanwhile, debutants Amy Franklin and Mikayla Morrison had a solid performance in Tuesday night’s game, seeing Franklin score two goals in her first ever AFLW match and Morrison playing a key part in helping Ebony Antonio kick the winning goal for Fremantle. 

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Make that two for Franky!

Amy Franklin kicks her second goal in her AFLW debut game.

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Pugh said the team was excited for their next game and are ready to bring their A game. 

“Travelling to Tasmania will be another great challenge for us. We’re up for it and can’t wait to go there and play.”

Fremantle will take on North Melbourne on Sunday 6 February at North Hobart Oval.