It’s a cliché to pump up whoever is burning up the track over the pre-season in the AFL, but Brennan Cox isn’t picking any favourites when highlighting who is standing out at Fremantle.

It’s because he feels the whole group has come together to deliver what has been a promising summer.

The group has been able to play a significant amount of match simulation in preparation for their round one clash with Adelaide on 20 March, and it could be because of what Cox said about his teammates’ fitness and strength.

“Everyone’s come back super fit, this is the fittest I’ve seen our group come back. It’s really exciting,” Cox said.

“I think we’re going to see (a similar game plan in 2022) but (executed) a lot better as I think we’re a lot fitter and stronger.”

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'Everyone's doing a bit extra' | Brennan Cox

Brennan Cox chatted with the media after todays training session about how the team is really pushing hard this preseason

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At 23 and heading into his sixth season, Cox praised Freo’s younger teammates for their efforts in their 2022 preparations.

“I think it’s the drive from the younger group...the group is that driven at the moment to be better and to make finals,” Cox said.

“The number’s we’re punching out (at training) are way higher than what we were last year.

“I can’t wait to see the start of the season to see where we’re at.”

A change in diet during his recovery from a hamstring injury has seen Cox return leaner and fitter. He last played in round 12 against the Western Bulldogs where he sustained the season-ending injury.

“I’ve definitely had some big days in the crossy (cross fit) room so I probably lost a bit of weight there,” Cox said.

“I’ve just been eating a lot healthier around the hamstring (injury) because I wasn’t allowed to do much, and I’ve continued that good habit through my training.

“I feel a lot fitter and a lot lighter as well, but also with a bit more muscle.”

Despite kicking four goals in a recent match sim, the defender expects to continue as a backman in 2022.

“(Playing forward) is a little bit of an experiment, maybe chuck it in throughout the year depending on if a forward goes down,” Cox said.

“I’m just a bit of a back up, at this stage, I’m still set up as a defender.”

When asked who had impressed him most out of Fremantle’s draftees, Cox did highlight one player in no.10 pick Neil Erasmus.

“I think Neil Erasmus, he’s a freak runner, just a workhorse,” Cox said.

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