Anthony Morabito
Anthony played inside mid and had a strong impact inside the clearances, having a total of 14 with his surging and quick kicks a feature. He worked well with the other midfielders to block and get to opposition players. It was a strong performance overall.

Tom Sheridan
Tom played inside mid, he was strong inside the contest and pressured Perth around the ball. He had an impact around the contest, and worked well with the other mids to block and create space. He had nine effective tackles, which was a focus going into the game, and seven clearances with strong ball retention and pressure being a feature.

Jacob Ballard
Jacob played inside mid and a small period as high forward. He was tagged after half time. He was strong in the clearances and used hisbody well around the stoppages. He had a total of 10 clearances in wet conditions and eight effective tackles.

Hayden Crozier
Hayden played on the wing and worked strong both offensively and defensively. He stayed in the contest longer and had a strong impact around the clearances. He showed good leadership in organising around stoppages and tackled well. Hayden played with a real energy and alertness around the contest.

Scott Gumbleton
Scott played forward and was opposed to Jared Risol. He got to plenty of contests where he looked dangerous. He moved freely, presenting strong as a hit up target and showed instances where he looked to protect talls in the air. He demonstrated some good leading patters and it was another positive step for Scott.

Michael Apeness
Michael played forward opposed to Daniel O’Sullivan and Nick Kane. He showed some strong body-work in the air and at ground level. He took several strong contested marks, showing good judgement and commitment in the air. He kicked well, finishing with three goals from marks inside 50. Overall, Michael had a big physical impact on the game in wet conditions.

Matt Taberner
Matt played as a forward, where he looked alert through the four quarters, working well and having awareness of his teammates, where the forwards constantly looked to isolate each other. He took a couple of strong contested marks early and found alternate ways, one being from a forward 50stoppage where he worked into the space to kick a snap goal. The second was a deep entry where he stayed down and got front and square to the contest andkicked the goal. Matt’s organisation around structures is much improved.

Sam Menegola
Sam played on Paul Bevan as a tagger, where he held him to three possessions in the first half. Bevan finished with 11 touches, kicking 2.2. Overall, Sam did a good job, demonstrating aggressive spoils and he closely checked a quality opponent.

Kepler Bradley
Kepler played in defence opposed to Benjamin Power for most of the day. He became a plus one in defence at times, positioning well to take nine marks. He gave some good coverage and depth in defence. Kepler also gave good instruction and leadership throughout the day.

Michael Wood (Reserves)
Michael played on the wing and as an inside mid late in the game. He structured up well and showed a couple of passages where he demonstrated a strong body on the line. He took a strong mark and kicked the winning goal late in the game to get the team over the line.

Tom Vandeleur
Tom played on a number of opponents including Rowan Brookes and Joel Houghton for most of the day. He used his body and positioned well at times. There were passages where he showed some good physicality. Tom will continue to focus on his ability to defend and reposition his opponent.

Jonathon Griffin
Jon led by example, with a strong presence in the ruck and displaying effective marking in wet conditions. He worked really hard through the game with Jack Hannath and overall had a dominant performance in the ruck, where he controlled the space and the contest, showed a strong work rate and physically imposed himself around the ball.

Jack Hannath
Jack Hannath played key forward, rotating in the ruck with Jonathon Griffin. He competed well, particularly at ground level after stoppages and constantly joined in to get the ball going Peel’s way in trying conditions. He showed great effort to compete in the majority of marking and ruck contests.

Craig Moller (Reserves)
Craig played in the ruck for the reserves with short stints forward. He was opposed to Chad Sandilands in most contests and showed strong competitive effort over the four quarters. He worked really hard to influence the play and showed some good ground level follow up and improvement defensively in referencing his opponent.