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Darcy trims the fat

Darcy works on versatility Sean Darcy chats to the media after returning to the club for pre-season training.

Sean Darcy has returned for his second pre-season with Fremantle at a similar weight to when he was drafted just under a year ago, but says he’s been able to build a frame that is more ready to compete with the strongest players in the game.

Darcy tipped the scales at 111kg and played eight games in his debut season, where he was far from overwhelmed by his more developed and experienced opponents.

During this time, Darcy has been able to add muscle without losing any weight.

“I’ve stayed reasonably the same (weight),” Darcy said.

“My skinfolds have improved a fair bit. There's more running and building my strength up to compete with the bigger boys in the AFL.

“ skin folds improving and my strength in the gym going up.”

A change of diet has also helped Darcy build his strength.

“There's less carbs and more proteins and salads and things like that,” Darcy said.

“It’s been pretty easy, we’ve got a good dietician and strength and conditioning coach so they’ve made an easy plan to understand.” 

With Aaron Sandilands’ anticipated return from injury in 2018, Darcy is planning to work on his versatility to ensure he remains in contention for Freo’s best 22.

Darcy said the 35-year-old Sandilands is working hard and looking fit and ready for another year in the AFL. 

There could be room for both ruckmen in Freo’s starting 22, with Darcy and Sandilands sharing the role and rotating through the forward line.

“I want to be more than just a one position player,” Darcy said. 

“That’s what the AFL’s growing into now, from just having one position to where you’ve got to have a range in your repertoire, so it’s interesting.

“I’ve got to work forward, on my leading patterns and my running around there, so I want to develop my forward game as much as my ruck game.” 

Darcy spoke fondly of his hometown after enjoying a three-week break at home in Cobden in regional Victoria, but was also happy to be back at the club.

“I headed back home for a few weeks which was pretty good, spending time with family and mates and catching up with everyone,” Darcy said.

“It’s a little town, it’s probably got a couple of bakeries, a couple of pubs and an IGA. It’s good, I love getting back there. I go back to my farm and chill out there and get working.”

“It’s good to be back. You walk into here and it lifts your mood already knowing that you have all of these facilities to work with.”

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