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Sheridan maximising Freo's new facilities

Sheridan says excitement within the group is building as the season approaches. Tommy Sheridan chats to DTV about his pre-season routine leading into 2018.

With Fremantle entering a ‘heavy phase’ in pre-season training, Tommy Sheridan is enjoying being able to make the most of everything at his disposal at the club’s new facility at Cockburn ARC.

Used to waiting to share an ice bath in a spa at Freo’s former facility at Fremantle Oval, Sheridan had the hot and cold recovery pools to himself on Wednesday as he wound down from another gruelling training session.

The defender says it’s these little things that give his teammates every chance to be at their best.

“It’s hard to separate everything (at the new facility) but the recovery pools we’ve got upstairs are probably the most elite thing,” Sheridan said.

“It definitely enhances recovery and performance and it allows you to get more blokes through there, so you’re not holding yourself up.

“At the old facility, we had a spa for six and you had to wait, now you can jump in when you want. It’s private and you really get your recovery in and freshen your legs up for the next session.

“It’s important as pre-season is quite tough and we’re going through a heavy phase at the moment.”

The 24-year-old who has played 68 AFL games says excitement within the group is building as the season approaches.

“Pre-season’s been good, we’re all looking forward to playing games, they’re coming around the corner and AFLX, where the squad will be announced soon,” Sheridan said.

“The young guys we have, they’re excelling and they’re doing really well. We’re all getting education around the game plan and that’s quite exciting.”

While Sheridan won both pre-season time trials, he’s found some new competition in some of Freo’s new draftees.

Rookie Stefan Giro placed second in Freo’s January time trial, with both coming in ahead of Bradley Hill. No.2 draft pick Andrew Brayshaw placed fourth with Brady Grey fifth. 

“Stefan Giro, he’s come second, he’s realy quick and he’s got some great endurance,” Sheridan said.

“Bradley Hill was up there and even Brayshaw’s quite fit as well. All the young guys go all right.”

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