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Cowan post-match Q & A: Rd 2 v Pies

Watch the highlights from Saturday's 13-point win. The highlights from Freo's clash with Collingwood at Optus Stadium.

How was that overall, what was your thoughts?
Really good I thought that response was from round one for the girls. And that’s certainly how we prepare to play so it’s really good to see them come out of the blocks and start that way.

The game was one thing but the occasion as well, what was the atmosphere out there? It looked like a good standard, Did you feel like it lifted the girls up a little bit?
I think they were really focused on the game, right from our review throughout the week and preparing for round two. They were really focused on the four quarters and coming to play and preparing really well to play, so I was really proud of them in that regard. And for them to stay focused on the play was really good and no doubt the occasion is an incredible occasion and a really special day for our football club and women's sport on the whole. I think it’s a really special day. Wonderful that our supporters and WA community came out and supported today cause they just made history.

You look like you tried to be really positive with your ball movement today, they were moving it quickly. There were a lot of play on situations which could have been stop play situations. Was that a focus for you?
There was certainly a lot of space out there so we wanted to make sure that we were really aggressive with our ball movement and probably the area. They were really great, they took the game on every single quarter, which was really good.

What did you make of just the sheer noise of when a goal was kicked and what not?
It was amazing, certainly in that fourth quarter. The chant of Freo when that went up, it was a really special occasion and no doubt a memorable one for everyone that played and everyone that was here.

It was a tough match as well, lots of biffs and big bumps.
I don’t think you can get through any AFLW game easy. But a really hard contested fought footy and a high tackle count as well, which is really pleasing from our end.

Could you talk about your midfield generally, but also specifically Dana Hooker’s game?
She is great for us. She can go in the middle or out on the wing for us. It’s great to see her win the contested ball, which is an area she works so hard on. Even her contested marking aerially has improved as well so it’s good to see her take that side of her game to a new level. She is a fantastic leader within our footy club and the way that she prepares and goes about her business during the week, that’s why she performs that way.

Lisa Webb’s debut on the wing?
She is a fantastic addition for us. Off the field she’s an incredible lady and on the field, just applies herself. She does the team things every single time and I thought she performed really well today. 

How do you think your defence went? They looked like they played really assertively, such as Ebony Antonio looks like she played with a lot of confidence.
The girls responded well from round one, there were some really lose lead ups in round one but we addressed that in our review. We addressed that as part of our training on Tuesday and Thursday and then they applied it in today’s game. I guess your performance is as good as you prepare, and they prepared really well.

Injury wise, how did you come out of today?
All clear from what I have been told.

Did you take heat of the AFL directive in week two to speed up the play or was it very much a contested style that you stick with?
I thought it was a fantastic game of footy and I look forward to watching it back. From my end, I thought we used the space and opened up the ground and it was a lot more free-flowing. There were certainly a lot of one on one contests.

Was that an intentional step from you guys or was it the way it just panned out?
It’s the way that we are playing as well. It was a good conversation to have during the week but there wasn’t a whole lot of changes on our end.

Lara Filocamo came out of your team then back in when there was an injury. Good response with her, given she was 3rd in the best and fairest last year and then omitted?
I think she put up her hand during the week, she wasn’t really happy with her performance in round one. The way that she took on the feedback was fantastic and applied herself at training. She put her hand up and owned up to her performance. She certainly improved and took the game on today and was important for us.  

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