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Gallery: AFLW time trial

Kiara Bowers takes out the AFLW 2km time trial on Wednesday night. Kiara Bowers (or Turbo) takes out the women's 2km time trial at the first training session of the season.

The all-important warm-up before the 2km time trial on Wednesday night

High performance manager Kare Starre

The time trial is underway!

Kara Donnellan and Kiara Bowers

Dana Hooker leads the chasing pack

Ashley Sharp

Kiara Bowers

Dana Hooker and Stephanie Cain

Ashlee Atkins

Matilda Sergeant, Jasmin Stewart and Ashley Sharp

Dana Hooker

Kara Donnellan

Angelique Stannett

Evie Gooch

Senior coach Trent Cooper

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