The MCG’s hallowed turf became Fremantle senior AFLW coach Trent Cooper’s office this week, as he kept a close eye on the AFLW Draft Combine in Melbourne.

48 of the best AFLW draft prospects from over the country were invited to test their agility, endurance and skill against their peers.

Three West Australian girls were amongst the talent invited including Roxanne Roux (East Fremantle), Emma O’Driscoll (Swan Districts, 19) and Mim Strom (South Fremantle).

Lively forward/ruck Roux is expected to go in the first few picks in October’s AFLW draft and Fremantle hold a strong hand with four of the first five picks from the WA draft now being with Freo.

Roux finished first in the standing vertical jump, third in the 20-metre sprint and third in the agility test.

“Roxy was the standout performer of the combine,” Cooper said. 

“She did really well across the endurance and agility sections and took out the standing vertical jump.”

Cooper said the current crop of WA girls ranks performed significantly better in the Draft Combine than what he had witnessed in previous years. 

“It was a good opportunity to compare the WA girls to the Victorian girls.

“They probably looked further advanced to what they have been previously.

“It was good for the girls to compare themselves against each other to see where they sit and to mix with the girls they will be playing against next year.”


Roxanne Roux (Western Australia): 59cm
Molly Denahy-Maloney (Vic Metro): 58cm
Marguerite Purcell (Vic Metro): 53cm
Tahlia Hickie (Queensland): 52cm
Hannah Munyard (South Australia): 51cm
Record: Jess Allan (South Australia, now GWS) in 2017: 61cm 


Nicola Xenos (Vic Metro): 3.210 seconds
Olivia Divilly (Ireland): 3.258 seconds
Roxanne Roux (Western Australia): 3.250 seconds
Vikki Wall (Ireland): 3.299 seconds
Hannah Munyard (South Australia): 3.307 seconds
Record: Emerson Woods (Vic Metro, now Carlton) in 2018: 3.129 seconds


Elisabeth Georgostathis (Vic Metro): 8.535 seconds
Isabel Dawes (Queensland): 8.651 seconds
Roxanne Roux (Western Australia): 8.654 seconds
Hannah Munyard (South Australia): 8.668 seconds
Tarni White (Queensland): 8.696 seconds
Record: Ruby Blair (Queensland, formerly Brisbane) in 2017: 8.495 seconds 


Olivia Divilly (Ireland): 17.2
Georgia Garnett (NSW/ACT): 16.8
Sophie Molan (Vic Country): 16.4
Paige Sheppard (Vic Country): 16.3
Serene Watson (Queensland), Luka Lesosky-Hay (Vic Country) and Gemma Lagioia (Vic Metro): 16.1
Record: Nina Morrison (Vic Country, now Geelong) in 2018: 18.1 


Hannah Hillman (Queensland): 7min 41sec
Olivia Divillly (Ireland): 7min 48sec
Nicola Xenos (Vic Metro): 7min 58sec
Gemma Lagioia (Vic Metro): 8min 1sec
Ella Wood (Vic Country) and Tahlia Hickie (Queensland): 8min 9sec
Record: Nina Morrison (Vic Country, now Geelong) in 2018: 7min 14sec

The 2019 NAB AFLW Draft will be held on October 22 in the Victoria Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds.