You must be thrilled with today’s result?
Definitely, I think the interchange is the only stat we won for the day but we hung in there. I thought we actually played pretty well in the second half and controlled it as much as you can control it in these situations. We were probably lucky to be as close as we were at half time. I’m just really happy with how resilient we were to finish the game that strongly.

You talk about the stat sheet, the two areas you won were the pressure you put on with the tackles and also your efficiency. Is that pleasing?
Definitely, Collingwood’s got the best disposal efficiency in the competition so we wanted to pressure them. We wanted them to make mistakes and in the first half they were first to the ball and pretty clean, and were just moving it around at will. They were really good so we needed to lift that intensity in the second half and I thought we did that well which gave us a chance. From there our forward line is dangerous, I think at half time we had five inside 50’s and still managed to score three goals which kept us in it.

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AFLW | Cooper and Stannett post-match

Trent Cooper and Ange Stannett spoke to media following the win in the Round Three clash against Collingwood.

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Trent, you’ve gained a reputation for being the hardest side in the competition with how fierce you are, is that what you’re looking to be?
We don’t use those terms but we do say it’s our preference. I think everyone talks about our speed which is the asset for us but we can use our speed to pressure the opposition that’s what we’re doing. Today I was rapt with the game of Sabreena Duffy who didn’t have a big game on the stats sheet but she interrupted a lot of their hand passing and put that pressure on. We need 21 players buying into that pressure and we had that in the second half and that’s how we got the result.

What about your defence, they held up so fantastically today led by Ange Stannett and Laura Pugh they were just so solid in the face of a lot of pressure?
Absolutely, I watch the ball go in there and I’m quite confident that they’re going to get the job done. They got a couple of goals from free kicks.  Last year was Ange’s first year of footy, today she got the task of playing on either Jaimee Lambert or Chloe Molloy whoever goes forward. She gave away inches and size and managed to keep both of them goalless in those positions so we’re starting now to get a strong defensive unit. We’re starting to learn the game and build and be a little more flexible in how we play down there as well and it’s become a really strong part of our team now.

Trent that’s seven in a row at Fremantle Oval. Are you guys trying to build that colosseum like feel for people to come here with the crowd and noise?
We don’t try to, it’s the fans that come that make it such a good place to play. I didn’t mind playing here as an opposition player back in the day, but now when you see it’s nearly all purple it’s really fierce. Even though there was no wind today we decided to kick that way in the last quarter because you get that good support down there and we love playing here. We had our smoking ceremony here, it’s a really special place for the group and we look forward to playing another couple of games here through the year.

What was the plan with Brianna Davies? 
An unsuccessful one, and for Lambert as well. We didn’t go in with a plan for a particular player to play on. We had players to play on them when they went forward but we just backed our midfield in who’d been really good to get the job done. In the first half we debated whether we change at half time with our midfield structure and we decided that we weren’t going to. We just wanted to back our players in to improve and to get to work and they did. I thought Hayley Miller’s second half was outstanding, Kiara Bowers who was down in the first half I thought she finished the game really strongly. Her tackling pressure led the way and Jasmin Stewart again racked up 12 or 13 touches on her left as well so we just backed them to go to work and they did that really well.