Senior coach Justin Longmuir has called on his Freo Dockers players to stay focused as they head into mandatory leave during the Covid-19 crisis.

The players will be away from the club until at least early May, and Longmuir said that it was key the players worked on more than their fitness.

Based on the AFL’s earliest projections, Freo could be playing football again in just over two months.

“We might be playing footy soon and it’s important to keep your head in the game,” Longmuir told the group.

“We need you to come back up to speed with your fitness and your footy as well. That is largely what your online education sessions will be around.

“We can’t just go away for four to six weeks, or whatever the time is, and just forget about footy and focus on your fitness.

“You need to come back up to speed with your footy knowledge, so that’s what those coaching sessions will be about.”

Fremantle leader Reece Conca added that he and his fellow leaders could be used as a resource in this time.

“To add to JL’s point, this is probably your best opportunity to access senior players and the more experienced guys,” Conca said.

“We’re going to be limited with access while we’re isolated, but I’m open for anyone to call me about footy, playing your role or whatever it is.

“I’m sure the other senior guys are the same. This links in with our trademark, we really want to strengthen that during this time off.”

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