Fremantle’s Reece Conca and Andrew Brayshaw have both revealed some funny and ridiculous mistaken identities with fans and their teammates.

Speaking in the latest episode of the No Season Show, Conca and Brayshaw gave some serious and not-so-serious examples of when they’ve been confused for others. 

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The No Season Show | Andy Brayshaw and Reece Conca

Our new show returns with two of your Freo favourites (oh, and Reece's dog Albus) for a chat and some laughs to help get us through the lockdown period.

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Brayshaw said he often gets confused with his fellow younger teammates, especially those with dark hair.

“A lot of the time I’ll be walking past a fan and they’ll say…’good onya Cez’,” Brayshaw said. 

“I get Adam Cerra and Bailey Banfield a lot. They just sometimes mistake me for those two. That’s something I get every now and then.”

Conca’s examples were more on the ludicrous side, comparing his looks to his pet dog Albus as well as a movie star.

Brayshaw also piped up comparing Conca to a character from the movie Monsters Inc

“I’m getting (compared to Albus) a lot. It’s the golden hair, ginger, brown, hazel, whatever you want to call it…most people just say red!” Conca said.

“Zach Galifianakis, I also get that a lot…and Mike Wizowski (from Monsters Inc) a bit as I’ve got a really short torso, so I have copped that.” 

Conca said he’s loved having Albus for company in isolation.

“Albus is the best little guy. He’s incredibly handsome and he’s a lot of fun,” Conca said.

“He’s keeping me on my toes which has been good.

“He comes down and runs with me at the park, he’s with me for all of my exercises and I’ve been able to teach him a few tricks.

“He’s been a very handy addition to my isolation period.”

Brayshaw said he’s still getting accustomed to life away from the club.

“I’m probably someone who thrives off structure,” Brayshaw said. 

“I love having to be somewhere at a certain time and have my days and weeks sorted and planned.

“This has been really challenging for me but I’ve adjusted. I’m just going with the flow and trying to remain present.”

Conca said he’s turned to a new hobby as he deals with the extra time on his hands. 

“I’m getting a bit more hands on, I’ve picked up some wood and I’m chipping away at some stuff,” Conca said. 

“In the next couple of weeks I’ll unveil it to the world to see what they think of it. 

“I didn’t quite realise my capabilities about being hands on with this, getting creative.

“I’ve pleasantly surprised myself. Like Andy I do like structure. I like to practice a lot of mindfulness, so the isolation hasn’t troubled me too much.

“I guess it’s just finding other ways to explore time and the ability to keep busy.”