Michael Walters wasn’t the ideal student at school, something he admitted in the latest episode of Fremantle’s No Season Show, which featured both Walters and teammate Nathan Wilson.

But the Freo star may have found a hidden talent as ‘Mr Walters’ as he home-schools his three daughters, Laila, Addison and Mackenzie alongside his wife Marnie.

While Marnie has the likely harder task of keep the girls on track with their reading, writing and arithmetic, ‘Sonny’ has taken it upon himself to keep their studies interesting.

“With three daughters at home, it’s been mayhem but to change it up we’ve been taking them on little excursions,” Walters said.

“We took them to John Forrest National Park to go and find something that they could learn about but also a rock that they can bring home and paint.

“As you know, schooling isn’t my thing! I like to change it up and make them enjoy it a bit more, so it’s little things like that as we’re trying to keep them occupied.”

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The No Season Show | Michael Walters and Nathan Wilson

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Walters may have inadvertently made himself the defacto drama and dance teacher, with Walters admitting he and his eldest daughter has become big fans of TikTok.

“Laila’s got me on TikTok, it’s a bug that I’ve caught now,” Walters said.

“We’ve been trying to learn actual big dances for them. I’ll bring one out in the next couple weeks. It’s to sort of fill in the time but I’ve been learning a fair bit.”

While Wilson’s son Jayce is only two, he’s still got him learning another important skillset – footy.

“Jayce he loves it! We go outside all the time and kick the footy,” Wilson said.

“He’s been loving it for a while actually. He had a footy in his hands since before he was eight months and he started kicking it around at nine moths.

“He’s going alright. It’s good to get outside and do it with him.”

With both players embracing life at home with their family, there were no surprises in their answers to a fan question about their favourite tattoos.

“I reckon my favourite tattoos would have to be my kids names as well as Marnie’s name as well, I guess it’s the family’s names,” Walters said.

“Mine would have to be my kid’s name as well,” Wilson added.

“I have Jayce’s name and that one means a lot.”

Despite enjoying the home life, both Walters and Wilson said they miss their teammates.

“For me, I miss the camaraderie,” Walters said.

“Hanging around with the boys. We did all preseason with each other and all of a sudden, bang…you just don’t see anyone!”

“I am starting to miss the boys and miss not having them around but on the flip side, it’s also been good hanging out with the family, too.”

“It’s also the routine of just getting up in the morning, getting your coffee, going to the club and getting your work done and coming back home to family,” Wilson added.

“It’s the same as Sonny (missing the teammates) but it’s good to be able to just hang around with family for a bit longer.”

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