After impressive seasons, midfielders Adam Cerra, Andrew Brayshaw and David Mundy all finished the 2020 Doig Medal on 150 votes in equal third on the voting tally during the 2020 Doig Medal Presentation Dinner on Thursday night.

Despite the tie on votes, Cerra was awarded third place, Brayshaw fourth and Mundy fifth in the official count - behind winner Luke Ryan and second placed Nat Fyfe.

As per the club’s guidelines, the tiebreaker was made based on who polled votes in the most games.

Cerra was awarded third based on him polling votes in 17 out of a possible 17 games, while Andrew Brayshaw was fourth with votes polled in 16 games.

David Mundy was awarded fifth after polling votes in 14 of his 16 games played in 2020.

The high placings of the 21-year-old Cerra and 20-year-old Brayshaw highlight the influence Fremantle’s younger players are already having at the club.

Cerra’s third place finish comes in this third season and is his first inside the top 10.

Brayshaw’s fourth place goes alongside his ninth place finish in 2019.

For David Mundy, it is an incredible 10th top-five finish in the past 12 seasons, highlighting the consistently excellent contribution made by the Freo veteran over more than a decade. 

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