Kiara Bowers already has a reputation of being one of the AFLW’s most determined footballers, so it’s hard to imagine the star midfielder finding even more motivation to win games with Fremantle in 2021.
Bowers and partner Adele became mums last June when son Nate was born and Bowers said she couldn’t wait to celebrate a win with her new baby.
“Being a mum just puts a little bit more emphasis on wanting to do it for him, as well as the club and the girls,” Bowers said.
“To have him there when we have a win, that would be incredible to be able to celebrate with him. Hopefully, there aren’t any losses, but I’ll also have him there to go to then as well.
“If he’s allowed, I can’t wait to have him with me in the team song.”

Bowers said Nate was the star of the show at their first family Christmas together.
“No-one wanted a bar of me or Adele, they wanted to hang out with him. We just felt like we were the transport for him!” Bowers said.
“As soon we got to the house, the grandparents would take him and we wouldn’t see him for a couple hours.
“It was great, it was good for him to enjoy the family and everyone being together.
“Nate probably had no idea what was going on but we had a ball making him unwrap all his presents and he was just excited for the wrapping paper. It was good fun.”
Bowers said she was still coming to terms with her new life as a mum.
“It still doesn’t feel real, I just feel like a cool dude with a little cool man hanging out with us,” Bowers said.
“Obviously, getting to hang out with him is just the highlight of my day, I wish it was more often and I can’t wait to get home and give him a cuddle.
“He’s a cheeky little bugger. He’s got us wrapped around his finger. He’s also a very happy boy and barely cries, which is a plus and we’re very lucky that he’s just happy and ready to do everything.”

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