At 35 years of age, Fremantle midfielder David Mundy is producing career best numbers in a range of statistical categories.

Arguably in the prime of his career, Mundy has spent the first eight games of the season clocking career high averages per game in; inside 50s (5.38), uncontested possessions (16.75), goals per game (0.88) and goal assists (0.88).

The veteran is also registering his second highest disposal count per game with an average of 26.13.

Mundy is currently sitting second atop the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year award leaderboard behind Brisbane’s Hugh McCluggage.

“I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a groove and I’m certainly enjoying myself in this Fremantle outfit,” Mundy told SEN Breakfast.

“There’s a little bit of luck involved, I haven’t had too many injuries and I’d like to think I’m an elite preparer in terms of getting ready for games and recovering from games.”

Mundy credits the development of the mental side of his game for helping hold him in good stead towards the backend of his career.

“The last five or six years I’ve really focused on the mental side of the game,” Mundy said.

“Being able to mentally prepare and recover from games has been a really big shift for me."

- David Mundy

“To be able to get the mind through and not dwell on good or bad performances…I’ve found it to be really beneficial.

“It’s something that hadn’t been big focus for any of my football growing up…early days I was pretty casual and laidback in terms of how I thought about football and thought about the game.

“As I became a bit more of a senior player and particularly when I moved into the midfield, it certainly became a bit more of a focus.”