There’s only one thing Tommy Sheridan wants in his life, and it’s more David Mundy.

In a hilarious episode of Old Bull, Young Buck, the former Freo Docker made an impassioned plea to executive general manager of football Peter Bell to give David Mundy a contract extension.

It’s a step up from his previous efforts, where he has taken to the @freodockers Instagram page to beg for more Mundy seasons.

His comment of ‘Give the man a three-year deal Belly’ following Mundy’s starring efforts against Adelaide received 647 likes.

Mundy is in his 18th year at Fremantle and the 35-year-old is arguably having his best season as he approaches his 350th game and Matthew Pavlich’s all-time Fremantle games record of 353.

Before hosts Mundy and Griffin Logue could sign off the episode, Sheridan hijacked the mic to deliver his message to Bell.

“Look Peter if you're listening, I'm not going to text you anymore, I apologise for the 10 unanswered texts mate, but David deserves another year,” Sheridan said.

“I don't care, you guys sort the cash out. He needs a year, the boys want it, the fans want it. I'm speaking on behalf of all the fans.

“Peter, give David Mundy an extension on behalf of the whole community. Do not cut this out (of the podcast) I'm speaking on behalf of the whole community.

“I'm sorry to embarrass you David, he wants another one, give the man what he wants. Anyway, thanks for having me boys.”

Earlier in the episode, Sheridan said one of his favourite players was rookie forward Josh Treacy, a player who is almost half Mundy’s age.

Sheridan praised Treacy’s two-goal effort against Hawthorn – one that could have been more if he hadn’t slipped on a divot when taking a shot on goal in the second term.

“I love the Big Cohuna. Get him on the pod! I love him,” Sheridan said.

“When he slipped over, that was gold. He hits everything with force and keeps getting back up! 

“He wallops it doesn't he? He got tunnelled earlier in the game and he was right back up with a smile.

“He's great for the club, he’s a big boy and I love watching him.”

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