Put a ball in David Mundy’s hands with the game on the line and he won’t bat an eye, but that doesn’t mean the Freo legend doesn’t get nervous in the real world.

In terms of haircuts, Mundy’s 349-game career could be definded by having the same long hair-do separated by buzz cuts in 2008 and 2011.

In the latest episode of Old Bull, Young Buck, Mundy spoke about his aversion to having others cut his hair.

“Many, many years ago, my hair was probably about the same length as it is now. I went to get a haircut and the lady was cutting away chatting away and after she held up the mirror and I was horrified. It was the worst haircut anyone ever received,” Mundy said.

“She cut everything around and left the top really long. I described it to (Sally) my wife, and my girlfriend at the time, as a muffin cut.

“(Internally) I was horrified but my reaction was 'yeah, yeah thanks'.

“I went home and shaved it and that started a few years of growing my hair long and then shaving it myself.”

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Mundy said he didn’t get on top of his hairstyle until he and Sally got married following the 2011 season.

“Even now, going to a hairdresser, I get the cold sweats - so growing the hair long and shaving it went until I got married,” Mundy said.

“My wife took me to a hairdresser in Dunsborough. She was very explicit with the lady, she told her about my history and my phobia of hairdressers and I ended up getting a really nice one.

“From now on, every time we go for a haircut, I'll pull up a wedding photo and I'll just say 'do it like that, please'.”

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