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Dawson and Mayne free to play

Costa Kastanis  September 9, 2013 12:35 PM

Qualifying Final: Dawson reported before the bounce Zac Dawson on report for an incident with James Podsiadly
Fremantle’s Zac Dawson and Chris Mayne are free to play in next week’s home preliminary final after the AFL’s Match Review Panel released its findings from Saturday’s clash with Geelong at Simonds Stadium.

Dawson was reported for striking Geelong’s James Podsiadly before the opening bounce of the qualifying final, but that charge was thrown out.

The report laid against Dawson for striking Podsiadly was thrown out after the panel decided he had "used an open hand in his action and that the contact was below that required to constitute a reportable offence".

The final quarter incident in which Dawson jumped in the air and clattered into Geelong skipper Joel Selwood was also looked at, but the panel found that Dawson was making a reasonable attempt to smother Selwood's handball.

Contact between Dawson and Stokes, which occurred in the first quarter, was investigated. But the panel said that "it could not be determined conclusively that a reportable offence had occurred".

Chris Mayne can accept a reprimand for a second-quarter incident involving Steve Johnson.

Mayne's contact with Johnson was graded as intentional, low impact and body contact which is 125 points or 93.75 with an early plea, leaving him free to play against either Sydney or Carlton in the preliminary final.