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Spurr makes himself at home

Take a tour of Fremantle's new facility through the eyes of Tommy Sheridan. Tommy Sheridan takes us on a tour of the new elite training and administration facility in Cockburn


The off-season has been a period of change for Lee Spurr, and it’s clear the experienced defender wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spurr, 29, become a father in November, and has likened Fremantle’s new facility at Cockburn Central to another important life event.

“It’s a fantastic facility, and as you can see, it’s enormous,” said Spurr while talking to media from the balcony that overlooks Victor George Kailis Oval.

“I feel it’s like buying a new house. You don’t really know where things need to go until you’ve lived in it for a while and you can move the furniture around.

“We’ll find our way as we go, but it’s really exciting and the players are embracing it.”

As the world-class facility creates more opportunity for players to be at their best, Spurr said he understands that there are higher expectations to perform.

But the move comes as the club enters a period of change with a younger list. Last week, Spurr was re-elected to the leadership group in a vote that introduced two new members in Lachie Neale, 23, and Michael Walters, 26, as well as a new captain in Nat Fyfe.

“We’ve got expectations on ourselves, and we’re aiming to finish high and to play finals,” Spurr said.

“But we also understand that we’ve got a young list that’s transitioning.

“We’ve got a group with players that are still learning their craft, and this facility is going to give us the best opportunity to fast track those young players. and to get the most out themselves. 

“That’s what the most exciting bit. There’s always pressure at AFL level, whether you’re a first game or 200 game player. That’s the nature of the beast and that’s why we love playing the game.”

Despite having just over 24 hours to take everything in, Spurr highlighted some of the clear benefits of Fremantle’s new base.

“It’s the sheer size and scope of everything, and the gym really stands out,” Spurr said. 

“It’s almost four times the size of our old gym, and we can all get in there and work together at the same time, which is a really big boost for us.

“It helps build unity and ensures we can work hard together.

“And it’s just fantastic that we can adjust the oval to any size ground in Australia, and adjust it to how we’re going to play that week. It really is fantastic and it’s a great opportunity for us.”

While excitement builds around Freo’s future, Spurr says that it’s important to not lose focus on the coming season.

“We’re certainly an exuberant group with a new facility and new players through the door,” Spurr said.

“I think there’s a buzz around, but the most important thing is to perform on game day and in round one, and that’s what we’re building towards.

“We haven’t lost focus, we’re not going to get too caught up into moving into the new facility. As a player the work’s going to start soon and we have to focus on that and stay in the moment.”

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