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WAFL Watch: Coach's comments – Rd 12  June 13, 2017 2:38 PM


Marc Webb runs through how the Freo players performed in Peel's win on Saturday.

Peel Thunder defeated South Fremantle by six points at South Fremantle Oval on Saturday afternoon. 

Senior development coach Marc Webb runs through how the Fremantle players performed.

Ethan Hughes
Played in Peel’s defence and was strong with his support and role off. He had eight marks and 15 kicks.  He ended up pushing forward and kicking a goal.

Josh Deluca
Played on ball the majority of the game and had five clearances and was strong around the contest with his chase and had nine tackles. He used the ball effectively and kicked two goals.

Taylin Duman
Played in Peel’s defence, he was rally good with his effort on his opponent to defence and spoil well. He was strong with his ability to create from defence.

Danyle Pearce
Played forward for the game and worked hard around the contest and was solid with his ball use.

Nick Suban
Played on ball and went forward kicking a goal. He was strong with pressure, he had five tackles and worked hard around the stoppage ending up with 15 possessions.

Griffin Logue
Played back on Ben Saunders, (South Fremantle’s key forward) keeping him to 8 possessions and three goals he defended well and did roll off the support well. He took an important contested mark late in the last quarter to help set up the winning goal. He ended up with seven marks for the game.

Garrick Ibbotson
Played as a half-back for the game, he rolled off and supported well and had six marks. He used the ball well and helped set up the play as a defender.

Zac Dawson
Played forward and was really strong with his pressure. He had seven tackles and his chase down was outstanding. He was effective when he moved into Peel’s defence towards the end of the game and helped Peel save the game.

Matt Taberner
Played between the Peel forward line and the ruck. He ended up with two goals and took six important marks. He was solid in the ruck.

Sean Darcy
Had 42 hitouts for the game and had four clearances. He was solid with his ruckwork and had a tough battle against Higgins in the ruck. He was effective with his ball use and took two strong contested marks around the ground.

Luke Strnadica
Played forward and kicked the wining goal. He took an important contested mark late in the game and ended up with 13 hitouts and four clearances and was solid with his follow up around the contest.