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6:27pm  Aug 18, 2017

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4:20pm  Aug 18, 2017

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8:32am  Aug 18, 2017

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4:42pm  Aug 17, 2017

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Domain moments: "M-C-G!"

Lachie Neale and Jon Griffin recall one of Freo's greatest moments at Domain Stadium

7:05pm  Aug 18, 2017

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Daniel Bandy reflects on Freo's derby breakthrough in 1999

6:54pm  Aug 18, 2017

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Hayden Ballantyne shares his thoughts ahead of his 150th game this Sunday against the Tigers

6:16pm  Aug 18, 2017

Training gallery: 10 August

Eliza Wynn - Curtin University  August 10, 2017 3:47 PM

22 107.jpg

Bradley Hill in action during training on Thursday at Victor George Kailis Oval.

1 107.jpg
Lachie Neale

2 107.jpg
Darcy Tucker, Shane Kersten, Sam Collins and Luke Ryan

3 107.jpg
Sean Darcy and Luke Strnadica

4 107.jpg
Harley Bennell 

5 107.jpg
Players stretch 

6 107.jpg
Matt Taberner 

7 107.jpg
Matt Taberner, Cam McCarthy, Zac Dawson and Tommy Sheridan

8 107.jpg
Harley Bennell

9 107.jpg
Hayden Ballantyne

10 107.jpg
Jon Griffin 

11 107.jpg
Taylin Duman and Ryan Nyhuis 

12 107.jpg
Josh Deluca

13 107.jpg
Stephen Hill

14 107.jpg
Griffin Logue 

15 107.jpg
Players drinking

16 107.jpg
Tommy Sheridan 

17 107.jpg
Brennan Cox 

18 107.jpg
David Mundy

19 107.jpg
Nick Suban

20 107.jpg
Shane Kersten 

21 107.jpg
Nat Fyfe 

23 107.jpg
Ross Lyon 

24 107.jpg
Cam McCarthy 

25 107.jpg
Cam Sutcliffe

26 107.jpg
Joel Hamling 

27 107.jpg
Luke Ryan 

28 107.jpg
Tommy Sheridan

29 107.jpg
Cam McCarthy and Zac Dawson

30 107.jpg
Lachie Weller

31 107.jpg
Ethan Hughes  

walters 107 web gym.jpg
Michael Walters hard at work in the gym