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deluca web 18.jpg

Josh Deluca was one of Peel's strongest against South Fremantle.

Peel Thunder defeated South Fremantle by 18 points on Saturday at Fremantle Oval.

Senior development coach Marc Webb runs through how the 14 Fremantle listed players fared.

Nick Suban
Played on ball for the day in what was a really strong performance, with 31 possession and eight clearances. He was really strong with his pressure, hit around the contest and his ball use.

Josh Deluca
Played on ball. Josh was also strong around the contest, with 12 kicks and nine clearances. He applied plenty of pressure with five tackles in a strong performance. 

Tommy Sheridan
Played on the wing for most of the day, where he worked really hard up and down the ground. Tommy had 18 kicks, a goal and applied pressure on the opposition with six tackles.

Cam Sutcliffe
Cam played inside for the day, where his work rate was strong with 11 tackles. He showed his effort around the contest with five clearances and 14 ground balls.

Danyle Pearce
Played on the wing and inside, where his workrate and pressure was really strong. He was able to really help with his delivery inside 50, setting up two goals. 

Griffin Logue
Played in defence for the game with a strong performance. He was able to take four marks and showed his defensive work rate and his ability to spoil in the contest.

Sam Collins
Played at full back on Ben Saunders for the game, keeping his opponent to nine touches and a goal. Sam was again able to impact the game with five hard ball gets and seven marks, helping to stop many of South’s forward entries.

Taylin Duman
Played back for the majority of the game. Taylin was strong with his rebound with 14 kicks and six marks. He played well on South Fremantle’s Ashton Hams after quarter time.

Matt Taberner
Played up forward for the game where he was in a good contest with four marks and two goals. Matt was strong with his work-rate.

Garrick Ibborton
Played back where he was solid with his roll off and his defence. He was able to push forward well and helped impact when South’s were able to get the ball inside 50.

Jon Griffin
Played ruck and forward with 31 hitouts and six kicks. Jon laid four tackles in what was a solid performance around the contest.

Sean Darcy
Featured in the ruck with 42 hitouts and kicked a goal in the opening term after laying a good tackle. He combined well with Jon in the ruck and helped our mids get first use.

Ryan Nyhuis
Played on Cory Del’Olio and kept his opponent reasonably quiet for the day. He was really solid with his defensive work and his help for other defenders.

Zac Dawson
Played forward and was really strong with his hit around the contest and his pressure, laying four tackles and helping to lock the ball in the forward line.