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Freo's edge at Perth Stadium

Fremantle high performance manager Jason Weber spoke to Docker TV at Perth Stadium on Monday. Jason Weber says Fremantle players will have every opportunity to perform at their best at Perth Stadium.

With a dedicated state of the art recovery facility at Perth Stadium, Fremantle players will have every opportunity to perform at their best, according to the club's high performance manager, Jason Weber.

Despite his 10 years of experience travelling the world with the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union side, Weber said hadn’t seen anything close to what Perth Stadium has on offer.

Weber toured the stadium on Monday and took an interest in Fremantle’s dedicated recovery and strapping areas.

“It’s an outstanding facility, from top to bottom it’s unique on an international level,” Weber said.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved professionally in a number of international stadiums. The view here for the patrons and the operational facilities for football staff are phenomenal.

“Right from the medical through to the recovery and warm-up facility. It’s just outstanding.”

Fremantle’s dedicated area includes four recovery pools and spas, with hot and cold capabilities. 

With the side travelling almost every second week during the home and away season, Weber said an improved recovery process can make a difference. 

“They’re quite impressive in regards to how the pools are set up downstairs, which will allow the players a good opportunity to recover from what is obviously an extremely tough competition,” Weber said. 

“Given the length of the AFL season and the intensity of the games, any ‘one percenters’ you can get from week to week are going to add up across the year.

“To have a great facility in order for players to recover quickly is going to be to our benefit.” 

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