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Matera up and running at Freo

Tom Fee  November 13, 2017 1:53 PM

Brandon Matera in action in his first training session for Freo.

Brandon Matera was one of eight Freo players to commence their pre-season on Monday morning at Victor George Kailis Oval.

While all first to four-year players are now back on deck, Matera’s appearance at training was voluntary with his official return date at the club set for 20 November.

11 1311.jpg

Alongside Matera, Brennan Cox, Sean Darcy, Taylin Duman, Griffin Logue, Ryan Nyhuis, Luke Ryan and Luke Strnadica all started their first session on light running duties, with the group given an extra week due to their commitments with Peel in the 2017 WAFL finals series.

Starting their second week or training, Connor Blakely, Brady Grey, Ethan Hughes, Cam McCarthy and Darcy Tucker completed sprints as a part of their warm-up before both groups combined for a number of football drills.

As part of their recovery from long-term injuries, Alex Pearce and Michael Apeness were on separate running programs to start their second week of pre-season. 

25 1311.jpg26 1311.jpg

Joel Hamling and Shane Kersten were also present, building up their fitness ahead of their official return on 20 November.

Michael Walters was also on a separate program, as the 26-year-old continues his recovery from a knee injury sustained in round 18 of the 2017 season against Hawthorn.

3 1311.jpg
2 1311.jpg
1 1311.jpg


40 1311.jpg
Ed Langdon

39 1311.jpg
Sean Darcy

38 1311.jpg
Ethan Hughes

37 1311.jpg
Darcy Tucker

36 1311.jpg
Alex Pearce

35 1311.jpg
Luke Ryan

41 113.jpg
Cam McCarthy

34 1311.jpg
Luke Strnadica

33 1311.jpg
Sean Darcy

32 1311.jpg
Griffin Logue

30 1311.jpg
Ethan Hughes

29 1311.jpg
Connor Blakely

28 1311.jpg
Taylin Duman

27 1311.jpg
Brady Grey

24 1311.jpg
Ethan Hughes

23 1311.jpg
Brandon Matera with strength and conditioning coach Jackson Dennis

22 1311.jpg
Luke Ryan

21 1311.jpg
Ethan Hughes

20 1311.jpg
Griffin Logue

19 1311.jpg
Alex Pearce

18 1311.jpg
Brandon Matera

17 1311.jpg
Connor Blakely

16 1311.jpg
Sean Darcy

15 1311.jpg
Ed Langdon

14 1311.jpg
Ed Langdon

13 1311.jpg
Luke Ryan

12 1311.jpg
Griffin Logue and Ed Langdon

10 1311.jpg
Sean Darcy

9 1311.jpg
Michael Walters

8 1311.jpg
Griffin Logue

7 1311.jpg
Brady Grey

Ryan Nyhuis

5 1311.jpg
Luke Strnadica

4 1311.jpg
Michael Walters