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Rosie Duffy  December 7, 2017 5:04 PM


David Mundy, Bailey Banfield and Brennan Cox at Makybe Rise Primary School in Baldivis.

Speaking at Makybe Rise Primary School on Thursday morning David Mundy said his approach heading into his 15th AFL season remains unchanged.

The veteran midfielder attended the school in Baldivis with new recruit Bailey Banfield and second year player Brennan Cox as part of the club’s AFL Community Camp in the Peel and Wheatbelt regions.

“I consider myself still good enough to contribute to Fremantle, I feel like I have a lot to offer,” Mundy said.

“I am certainly not approaching this season any different mentally or physically than I have the past fourteen.

“Last season I had a shifting role playing forward and I think that’s the way it swings now in the AFL, you have to play multiple roles really well.

“I feel like I can do that and complement the different guys we’ve got through the different regions on the field.”

With 22 new players coming to the club during the last two seasons Mundy said the focus for the team was to build cohesion and have everyone ‘on the same path’.

“Clearly our goal is to improve as every team is, but with 22 new guys coming through it’s a big one for us,” Mundy said.

“We want to build that team cohesion and get everyone aligned on the same path and understand where we want to go and probably more importantly how we want to play.”

Mundy said the addition of 10 new players to Freo’s list during the last two weeks would help with the dynamics at the club.

“Hopefully with that injection of new players and new energy and new blood, that can help propel the group forward,” Mundy said.

“Ross said yesterday that this is really their first proper week, they were drafted a week and half ago and almost immediately went away on camp.

“They are just integrating back into the group now they have had a couple of runs.

“The shift for the entire club over the last couple of years has been to really nurture and educate the younger guys coming through who haven’t experienced AFL life before.”