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President awestruck by Freo’s new fortress  December 14, 2017 3:37 PM

Optus Stadium has the capability to put on an epic light show.

Fremantle president Dale Alcock admitted to being blown away as one of the first to experience live sport at Optus Stadium on Thursday night, attending a trial T20 cricket match at the new venue.

Alcock was one of 10,000 lucky West Australians to get an insight into what the new facility has to offer and left the stadium with a feeling of excitement about seeing it filled with Freo members and supporters in 2018.

“It was a really special night. The sound and lighting system was sensational. It was gobsmacking,” Alcock said.

“It gives you this excitement and enthusiasm and you just want to fast-forward into 2018.

“It’s a feeling of wanting to bring the season on now because it is just so tangible and the excitement is palpable.” 

Alcock said the evening was nothing like he had experienced before.

“Everyone was blown away by the whole thing,” Alcock said. 

“Someone said to me that they felt like they were in a different city because we have never experienced a setup like this in Perth. 

“It almost seems like an international experience but we actually have it here in our hometown.”

alcock web 1412.jpg
Dale Alcock taking in Freo's new home ground

While Freo members have been given an inkling of what to expect, Alcock feels they won’t be fully able to appreciate Optus Stadium until seeing a game live.

“It’s been pumped up but when you go there, there’s an excitement that you feel and you want to be a part of,” Alcock said.

“You don’t want the night to end. That’s how last night was, we hung around for about an hour after the T20 had finished because we just wanted to soak up that atmosphere.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get on board for the first season at the new stadium.”

The state-of-the-art stadium might be a boon for Freo fans, but Alcock says the ground won’t be as kind to another group – Freo’s opposition.

“I think there’s a competitive element to all of this,” Alcock said.

“This ground is going to send a message in ‘Welcome to our Freo Fortress’.

“We own it, it’s purple, and it’s going to be loud, and proud and that’s how it should be.

“Other clubs should be shaking thinking about coming to Perth to play Fremantle on our home ground.”