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Experience and youth to showcase AFLX

Michael Walters chats about AFLX in Monday's media conference. Michael Walters chats to the media after be named in the Fremantle AFLX squad.

A mix of experience and youth has been named in Fremantle’s 20-man squad for Thursday’s inaugural AFLX competition in Adelaide.

Big names such as captain Nat Fyfe, reigning Doig medallist Bradley Hill and forward Michael Walters headline the squad, while fans will get their chance to see first year players Andrew Brayshaw and Mitch Crowden along with rookies Bailey Banfield, Stefan Giro and Taylin Duman in action.

New recruit Brandon Matera will also don the purple for the first time, as Freo take on Geelong and Port Adelaide at Hindmarsh Stadium in the round-robin event.

Fremantle have also elected to go with speed and endurance for the trial competition, which will showcase the squad’s elite runners.

Fremantle’s first game will be against the Cats at 7.06pm CDT with the Port Adelaide clash played at 8.02pm CDT.

2. Griffin LOGUE
3. Brandon MATERA
6. Danyle PEARCE
7. Nat FYFE
8. Andrew BRAYSHAW
9. Bradley HILL
10. Michael WALTERS
11. Tommy SHERIDAN
12. Mitchell CROWDEN
18. Darcy TUCKER
19. Connor BLAKELY 
23. Cameron McCARTHY
28. Brady GREY
33. Cameron SUTCLIFFE
36. Brennan COX
38. Luke RYAN
41. Bailey BANFIELD
42. Stefan GIRO
44. Taylin DUMAN 

What you need to know

How long are the games?
Each game is made up of two 10-minute halves with no time on. Half time will go for two minutes and there will be five minutes between games.

Who else is playing?
The Thursday night tournament will officially launch AFLX, with the AFL’s remaining 12 teams taking part in one of two tournaments held in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium on 16 February and Sydney at Allianz Stadium on 17 February.

What are the field dimensions?
AFLX has been developed to allow Australian Football to be played on rectangular fields, with the new and exciting format designed to showcase some of the most thrilling aspects of the game. The games will be played on rectangular fields approximately 70m wide and 110m long.

How many per side?
Along with the half-length, the number 10 features throughout the new format. This includes the name, with X being the Roman numeral for 10. There are 10 players per side, with seven on the field and three on the bench and there are 10 points allocated to a super goal from outside the 40m arc. 

Are there any other rule changes from AFL?
Other modified rules include free kick against for a last touch out of bounds, no marks for backwards kicks outside the attacking 40m area and a free shot from the 40m arc for deliberate rushed behinds.

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