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Recovery important for “everywhere” Dana

Dana Hooker covered just under 9km on Saturday afternoon. Dana Hooker chats to Curtin University students after Freo's win over the Pies.

After covering just under 9km in that heat at Freo’s 13-point win against Collingwood at Optus Stadium on Saturday, Dana Hooker says she’ll place a high importance on recovery ahead of Sunday’s clash with Melbourne at Fremantle Oval.

The sun baked down at a packed Optus Stadium while Hooker used her legs to move all over the stadium’s turn, collecting a team-high 20 disposals and kicing two goals.

“I’m a bit sore, I started cramping at the end of the third but it wasn’t anything too bad that I couldn’t manage it out there,” Hooker said.

“Obviously, I’d be a little bit sore and tender tomorrow but we’ll recover well for next week.”

The midfielder said she knew that she would be in for an exhausting day after a pre-game briefing from senior coach Michelle Cowan.

“Michelle did pre-warn me before the game that I’d be playing about 95% game time,” Hooker said.

“It’s a running ground out there and my strength is to run and cover that ground.

“I was aware before the game that I was going to be out there for a while and not get much of a breather.

“I tried to play as smart as I could and the lines that you run on the ground is important too and you’re not just running meaninglessly.”

Fremantle’s fairest and best winner said she would make the most of the deep ice-baths in Freo’s rooms at Optus Stadium.

“To recover I’ll get in the ice-baths, get a good feed into me, get some rest and obviously, meet with the physio staff.

“I haven’t had a go in them yet but I think they’re designed for Aaron Sandilands size, so I’ll try not to drown in them!”

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