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Mundy's marine passion

David Mundy spoke to the media on Monday at Leighton Beach. David Mundy chats to the media about his involvement with Fremantle Dockers Friend of the Foundation 'Coastcare'.

There’s no better way to spend a day off than at the beach, which is where David Mundy could be found on Monday morning lending a helping hand to a group of Coastcare volunteers.

The day after picking up 19 disposals in his JLT Series appearance for Fremantle against Adelaide at Strathalbyn Oval, Mundy was at Leighton Beach helping Coastcare with work to protect the sand dunes in the area.

“Today they’re doing a bit of planting and setting up some tree guards for some of the planting they’ve done previously in the hope to stabilise the sand dunes and try and protect what we can,” Mundy said.

“Obviously, there’s been a quite a bit of disturbance with beach access and things like that and it’s really important to try and stabilise the sand dunes to really protect the natural processes that go on.”

The ocean is a passion of Mundy’s, with the 272-game player looking to find a career in marine protection after AFL his AFL career.

“It’s important to us all isn’t it? It’s our home and a lot of us live really close to the coast,” Mundy said.

“I’m studying marine science at Murdoch and it’s something that I really care about.

“The guys at Coastcare are doing a fantastic job in rehabilitating and protecting our sand dunes.”

Mundy is entering his 10th year at Murdoch as a part-time student, where he won an academic performance award in 2017.

“As a part of the AFL system you can really only study part time,” Mundy said.

“I’ve been at Murdoch for about nine years and I’m in my final year now. I’ll hopefully graduate at the end of the year, which will be lovely. 

“Coastcare is something that’s popped up recently and what they’re doing through volunteer work has really appealed to me.”

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