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WAFL watch coach’s comments: Rnd 10

Ethan Hughes was impressed by Peel Thunder's ball movement which helped the team get the win on Saturday afternoon. Ethan Hughes was impressed by Peel Thunder's ball movement which helped the team get the win on Saturday afternoon.

Peel Thunder defeated West Perth by four points on Saturday at Rushton Park.

Senior development coach Marc Webb runs through how the 10 Fremantle-listed players fared. 

Danyle Pearce
Played on the wing for the game in another good performance with 31 possessions. He looked clean in the conditions and used the ball really well with some strong entries from his five inside 50s. He played a big part in Peel winning the game. 

Ethan Hughes
Played across half back. He impressed with his body work and one-on-one contests. He was also able to roll off and impact. He took some strong marks, with 11 for the day and collected 28 possessions. 

Mitch Crowden
Played on ball. He looked back to some of his hard ball-winning best with 27 possessions and 11 hard ball gets. He also chased and tackled very well with 11 tackles. 

Cam McCarthy
Played forward for the day. He had 17 possessions and worked hard coming up the ground and around the contest with eight tackles. It was a really improved performance with his pressure in tough conditions and he was also able to kick a goal.

Cam Sutcliffe
Played on the ball for the game. He was good around the contest in his first game back for a number of weeks. He had 16 possessions, tackled really well around the contest and was able to kick a goal.

Luke Strnadica
Played in the ruck and went forward. He collected 34 hitouts and again his marking was impressive with six marks and also followed up well.

Griffin Logue
Played down back and was in good form for two and a half quarters before he hurt his ankle. He took six marks, with two contested. 

Lloyd Meek
Played forward and in the ruck. He had 26 hitouts and when he went forward, marked well and was able to kick two goals while giving Peel opportunities forward.

Michael Johnson
Played forward and back and impacted well in defence against the breeze in the final term to help steady the backline. He also presented well as a forward.

Hugh Dixon
Played his first game back from a long-term ankle injury and kicked a goal. He looked really good around the marking contest but was only able to take three. His follow-up, chase and effort was good for his first game back.

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