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Ryan reflects on 'memorable' flag

2:52pm  Sep 25, 2017

A proud Dawson

7:54pm  Sep 24, 2017

An emotional win

7:45pm  Sep 24, 2017

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Pav stays no.1 for now

One of Matthew Pavlich's many records at Fremantle is under threat

5:25pm  Sep 26, 2017

Brownlow: How Freo fared

Fremantle captain Nat Fyfe topped Freo's polling at the 2017 Brownlow Medal

12:53pm  Sep 26, 2017

Peel's final quarter to 'achieve greatness': Shepherd

Cam Shepherd praised his team as they went back-to-back on Sunday

5:31pm  Sep 25, 2017

Gallery: Peel training 6 September

Tom Fee  September 6, 2017 1:44 PM

Griffin Logue talks to Docker TV after Wednesday's training session.

1 69.jpg
Nick Suban

2 69.jpg
Luke Ryan

3 69.jpg
Ryan Nyhuis 

4 69.jpg
Josh Deluca 

5 69.jpg
Cam Sutcliffe

6 69.jpg
Garrick Ibbotson 

7 69.jpg
Tommy Sheridan

8 69.jpg
Matt Taberner 

9 69.jpg
Danyle Pearce

10 69.jpg
Sam Collins

11 69.jpg 
Garrick Ibbotson

12 69.jpg
Griffin Logue

13 69.jpg
Taylin Duman 

15 69.jpg
Taylin Duman

14 69.jpg
Danyle Pearce

16 69.jpg
Matt Taberner

17 69.jpg
Josh Deluca and Luke Strnadica

18 69.jpg
Garrick Ibbotson

19 69.jpg
Sean Darcy

20 69.jpg
Luke Strnadica

21 69.jpg
Taylin Duman

22 69.jpg
Sam Collins

23 69.jpg
Jon Griffin

24 69.jpg
Sam Collins

25 69.jpg
Matt Taberner

26 69.jpg
Cam Sutcliffe

27 69.jpg
Jon Griffin