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Cowan post-match Q & A: Rd 4 v Lions

That first quarter, you had so much play but couldn’t quite put that on the scoreboard. Was that what maybe cost you?
The pressure that we had inside 50 and to lock the footy in there was great, but we couldn’t quite capatilise on getting the score on the board early. We certainly couldn’t question the girls effort to lock it in and keep it in there.

What was your message at three quarter time when Brisbane started to get a little bit more ascendancy?
Obviously, the conditions today revolved a lot around the contested ball and everyone weighing in and playing their role and playing their part. We challenged the girls to continue to play our brand and style of footy. The great thing once again is they never dropped their heads and a late goal (in the final quarter) sees us a goal behind Brisbane. The girls kept their heads up, which was really good.

Have they played much wet weather footy?
We haven’t had the opportunity to, but we are happy to play in any conditions and know that the girls are capable to play in those conditions. Brisbane played really well, I thought they took a lot of their chances as well and that’s why they came out with the win.

They never dropped their heads and never looked like they were struggling to keep up even in that last quarter, which would have been pleasing.
I think even if you look at the contested possessions, we were pretty even across both teams. It was pretty even across everything with what we are looking at, but at the end of the day you continue to play your role for the team and compete right to the end and I think the girls did that.  

Do you need a bit of luck in a game like that as well? We’ve had 200mm of rain in the last 48 hours, so very difficult, and really test the skills of both sides.
It does test both sides. It looked really heavy out there to be able to run. I thought both teams adapted alright to the conditions.

Any injuries?
Dana Hooker copped a knock to the nose but she seems fine.

That leaves your season a little precarious? Another goal and you’re up the top of the ladder almost. How do you see yourselves at the moment?
This competition week-in week-out is so important in such a short season, so to lose by a goal really does hurt but there are a lot of learnings to come out of this loss today. We will review thoroughly on Tuesday and looking forward to playing GWS next weekend at home.

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