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Meet Freo's newest International Member

Watch Freo sing the team song following Saturday night's game. Watch the Dockers celebrate their round eight win

If you're a Freo fan on twitter, the chances are you've met LeAnn (@prairiegirl0028) in the past few days.

A soccer fanatic from Kansas City, LeAnn was watching the end of the Fremantle v Saints game with her footy-obsessed husband when the Freo song came on...and it blew her mind.

We all remember that moment when you first fell in love with the club and declared yourself as #foreverfreo.

To many of us, this was well before the dawn of social media but it's extra special being able to see this unfold for somebody in real time.

These are just a handful of her tweets!







Since then, LeAnn has caught the attendion of various radio stations, the entire Freo fandom on twitter...and us.





LeAnn has since accepted our offer of international membership, where she'll be able to stream every game live and keep singing along.

As Nathan Wilson said, welcome on board LeAnn!


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