New recruit Jordan Clark ticked off his official start with Fremantle on Monday, impressing as the first to four year players returned with a time trial.

The traditional 2km time trial was replaced with four 1km runs, with Clark winning two and Andrew Brayshaw winning the other two.

Midfielder Caleb Serong said Clark had already been training hard with his new teammates throughout the off-season and his run on Monday was a sign of the work he’s been putting in.

“Jordan’s a really confident kid and he’s brought a lot of energy to the group,” Serong said.

“He’s fit in really well, everyone’s embraced him and he’s really embraced the Freo way already. I can’t wait to see what he can do on the field.

“He’s a really good runner and has been putting in the work for the last few weeks in the off-season. He’s been training every session with the boys. It’s good to see that come out on the track. Now it’s about getting into the footy and showing those strengths on the footy field.

“Andy’s also been working really hard over the break and is in really good nick. He’s always up the front in our time trials so it was good to see him putting on a good show today.”

Serong said he found the four separate runs to be a big challenge to start the pre-season.

“It’s completely different (to the 2km time trial). The lactic acid builds up for each one. You finish one and you think ‘oh I’ve got three more to go’,” Serong said.

“The two km time trial is over a lot quicker and you smash it out in six and a half minutes or whatever. This one, you’ve got four lots of three-minute efforts. It’s a tough one but I think the boys really embraced it and helped each other get through, which was great.”

Serong said the work the Fremantle players had put in during the off-season would allow the whole team to ramp up quicker.

“Ideally, everyone comes back with that fitness base and that’s what we were testing today and I think everyone ticked some really good boxes, it will allow us to get into footy stuff as quick as we can,” Serong said.

“The game plan stuff should get implemented really quickly as the guys came back off a really good base.

“If guys come back in good nick, we can train for longer from day one and get going. I think that’s a really exciting thing about today, everyone ran really well, everyone’s looking really fit and everyone’s ready to go. It should allow the coaches to get stuck into it.”