What is the Fremantle Dockers Next Generation Academy?

The AFL, in partnership with AFL clubs and state league bodies, has established a national network of AFL club Academy Programs, Next Generation Academies (NGA), which aim to identify and develop young talent, introduce school aged children to community football competitions and feed into existing state and territory and national talent programs.

The academy utilises the club’s resources and personnel to offer an opportunity to develop the skill set and knowledge of the game for young players of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Do you have to have participated in AFL football previously to be included in the academy?

No, players do not have to have participated in the sport to be included. The academy is fully inclusive of all skill sets and developed with the intention to fast-track a participant’s knowledge of the game.

It has also been designed in consultation with the WA Football Commission and district talent managers with the opportunity to further participants' AFL experience by transitioning straight into their local talent pathway at the end of the academy process.

How old do you have to be to take part in the Fremantle Dockers NGA?

The Fremantle Dockers NGA will be aiming for junior players aged between 11-15 years. Additional support will be given to selected players from ages 16-18 years.

What are the criteria for a player to take part in the Fremantle Dockers NGA?

The academy process will be fully inclusive of all participants, but targeted for participants of indigenous and multicultural backgrounds. Multicultural participants must either have been born overseas, or has one parent who was born overseas.

Further to this, under AFL Academy guidelines, the club has been allocated regions throughout the state for which academy participants must hail from.