Listed below are all the players involved in the FFC NGA

First Name Family Name Date of Birth WAFL Club
Jason  Carter 11/1/00 Claremont
Tom Medhat 16/8/00 West Perth
Manfred Kelly 15/12/01 South Fremantle 
Liam Henry 28/8/01 Claremont FC
Isaiah Butters 16/9/01 Claremont FC
Leno Thomas 27/5/01 Claremont FC
Joel Western 12/10/02 Claremont
Brandon Walker 17/10/02 East Fremantle
Chris  Walker 17/10/02 East Fremantle
Keanu  Haddow 23/8/02 East Fremantle
Kobe  Farmer 10/9/02 Peel Thunder
Seth Connor 15/8/03 East Fremantle
Tristan  Jacques 25/1/03 East Fremantle
Riley  Colborne 10/2/03 South Fremantle
Kai  Holmes 17/2/03 South Fremantle
Jesse  Motlop 23/2/03 South Fremantle
Jermaine  Pickett 31/5/03 South Fremantle
Dom  Dravitzki 9/7/03 Peel Thunder
Cole  Agnew 26/10/03 Peel Thunder
Rickardo Jetta 13/5/03 Peel Thunder
Graham  Sandy 29/4/03 East Fremantle
Xavier Wright 29/1/03 East Fremantle
Richard Bartlett 8/2/03 East Fremantle
Lyle  Sibosado 30/9/03 Swan Districts
Eric  Benning 14/6/03 Claremont