Nat Fyfe is likely to miss a month of football after he undergoes a ‘small’ procedure on his back to alleviate nerve pressure the midfielder is currently experiencing.

The Fremantle skipper told Network Ten's The Project on Thursday that the injury was sustained while working through his return to football following an interrupted pre-season.

“I have been coming back from a shoulder reconstruction and in that big push to get my body back up to speed to put the bodyweight back on and be strong, it hasn’t recovered over the last week as we would have liked,” Fyfe said.

“It is looking likely at this stage, early next week I will have a small procedure to try and alleviate the pressure on the nerve.

“That could be three to six weeks (recovering), unless something happens over the weekend drastically but that is what I am looking at.”

Since returning from the Christmas break, Fyfe added back eight kilograms of muscle he lost following his shoulder surgery in October and has been working towards being ready for the start of the season.

Despite the weeks he will be sidelined for, Fyfe believes it is a blessing in disguise as it gives his body more time to heal and also signaled to the 30-year-old that he needed to listen to his body.

“There is always going to be a risk when you push so hard to get yourself back up to speed in a condensed time frame that you are going to put the rest of your body at risk," Fyfe said.

“What this does is give my shoulder another couple of weeks to recover, so that it is fully healed.

“The issue was just the global work going into my body, but it gave the signal to my body to ‘calm down’ and that I need to rest for a couple more weeks, which is what I will do.”