The Purple Army has received a well-deserved shoutout for being the league-leading fan base in the AFL for games against interstate opponents.

While Victorian crowds are regularly the largest when two local teams take part, Fremantle are the most supported team when there is a clear home and away team.

Freo's average attendance against interstate teams is the highest this season at 36,262 per game, ahead of Carlton (34,526), West Coast (32,515) and Collingwood (30,552).

Co-hosts of the Old Bull Young Buck podcast David Mundy and Griffin Logue spoke about the great following Fremantle have had in 2022 with guest Blake Acres.

Freo’s highest attendance came in round 12 with 47,214 fans attending their win against Brisbane on Sunday afternoon.

“It was one of the loudest games I've been a part of, especially when you kick a few goals in a row and the crowd starts doing the Freo chant,” Acres said

“We're number one this year, I think for our games against interstate state teams.”

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While Acres spoke glowingly of his time at St Kilda in the podcast, he said the atmosphere at Fremantle games was superior.

“(At St Kilda) we didn't have as huge crowds,” Acres said.

“You'd look forward to the games against other Melbourne teams, you'd get your 30, 35, 40 thousand, but other than if it was an interstate game, you're looking at 20,000 and sometimes play up in Cairns or even in China at times.”


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