David Mundy has spoken about what it was like during the aftermath of his farewell game following the RAC Derby, when he did a lap of honour in front of a crowd of more than 50,000 people who stayed behind to applaud the Fremantle champion.

While there is no end date of Mundy’s career with Fremantle about to enter the finals series, he was given the chance to say his goodbyes after his final home and away game of the season at Optus Stadium.

A part of that goodbye was a lap of honour with his wife Sally and children Finn, Hudson and Edie.

In the latest Old Bull, Young Buck episode, Mundy revealed that Finn had a realisation about how much his dad meant to so many people.

“The day before, Finn, my nine-year-old was freaking out saying ‘dad I don’t want to go on the oval, there’s too many people, too much noise’,” Mundy said.

“Going to the ground, I wasn’t sure if Finn was coming, it might just be Hudson and Edie, but he lifted and was really good!

“On the lap of honour, we got about three quarters of the way round. Finn turns to me and says ‘aw dad all these people love you don’t they!

“For my nine-year-old to recognise that is obviously a pretty emotional moment for me. It was very special.”


From the crowd’s perspective, podcast guest Emma O’Driscoll said she struggled to avoid crying while watching the lap.

“I was holding back tears. It was beautiful, the song, your family – it just got me,” O’Driscoll said.

“It hit me right in the feels and I was sitting there just choking up, you know when you get that lump in your throat? It was like ‘nup, I’m gone here’.”

O’Driscoll was relieved to be sitting away from her AFLW teammates.

“My dad was there so I watched with him and that saved me the embarrassment of crying around the girls,” O’Driscoll said.

“I was a bit teary around my Dad there.

“It was lovely and when I saw your daughter (Edie), I thought she was the main character, she thought it was about her. I loved that. That helped me get through it.”