All off-season, Gabby O’Sullivan had pictured sharing her milestone game with one of her great mates.

But the pre-season injury to Ebony Antonio means O’Sullivan have the limelight to herself when running out on the Gabba in round one against Brisbane for her 50th game.

It means the forward turned midfielder will be the outright second to reach the AFLW milestone for Fremantle behind Hayley Miller, with Antonio on 49 games and working hard to return from a PCL injury later in Season 7.

Fortunately, Antonio had a humorous way to help O’Sullivan feel better about the situation.

“I’m super proud to reach that many games and playing for Freo, the only thing I wish is that I could be playing with Epps,” O’Sullivan said.

“I said this to her last night and she said ‘Gabby, I’m the human highlight reel and I need my own limelight!’

“She could have been really down and out about her injury but she’s super keen to get stuck into her rehab and when she does play that 50th game it will be even more special knowing that she’s had to overcome this setback to get there.

“It’s a shame I couldn’t share it with Epps but individually, I’m super proud to play 50 games.”


The absence of both Ebony and Kara Antonio for most of this season means the importance of O’Sullivan’s leadership is heightened further.

Mentally, O’Sullivan felt she was still ‘new’ to the game until she started introducing herself to her new teammates for Season 7.

“I probably had taken it for granted, the amount of years that I’ve played in the AFLW,” O’Sullivan said.

“But I started to talking to some of the first years and seeing the way they listen and really take on board what I say.

“It just reinforced that I am experienced and I have something to offer them.

“That’s something I’ve been more conscious of over the pre-season, making sure I provide those girls with a bit of advice and guidance.

“I’m one of the more experienced players now, it’s cool to know I can help impact those younger players.”

O’Sullivan paid tribute to both her family and the Freo family for their support throughout her career.

“My family are my biggest supporters, they’re the ones who have to deal with my mood and my tiredness when I’ve got a really hectic schedule, having to work as well,” O’Sullivan said.

“I was talking to Turbo (Kiara Bowers) and saying we’ve got some of the best fans in the competition. There were even a group at the airport today wishing us well.

“Everyone inside the footy club, they’ve got a real investment in us and they make you feel special.

“I don’t think the team could be where they are without this support. I’m really grateful for that.”

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