There have been many people who have played a significant role in my 14 year career in the AFL, and they all need a mention.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife Tara, who has been my unwavering pillar of support along the journey. Through the good times and the challenging times, she has provided me with strength, guidance and love. None of this would have eventuated without her by my side and of course our beautiful children Kyla and Jordan.

My family and friends have also given me unconditional support, love and care and I cannot thank them enough. In particular my dad Joffre and my mother-in-law Karen.

To my teammates along the way: first at the Port Adelaide Football Club and then the Fremantle Football Club. I want to thank every player I have ever gone into a gruelling pre-season session with and ever walked down the race side by side, ready to go to battle. It has been a great ride. We have enjoyed the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and I will leave with memories and lifelong friendships.

The two biggest coaching influences on me: Mark Williams, for giving me the chance to show I can play AFL and Ross Lyon for getting me to Fremantle and allowing me to enjoy a rewarding and successful period for the club.

A special note of thanks to the Peel Thunder Football Club, coach Cam Shepherd and all the playing group who welcomed me over the past two years. We enjoyed the ultimate success as a club and hopefully we continue it this year.

My manager recently reminded me of my achievements. To be among the talented group of players to have played 250-plus games as a Rookie Draft selection and to be one of the players to reach this milestone from the 2004 Draft class, alongside a number of guys who have had a significant impact on the modern game, is a source of pride and also humbling.

To my managers Justin Reid and Nigel Carmody from TLA, thank you for all your help along the way.

I’m also extremely proud to stand alongside the Indigenous players past and present, many of them friends and heroes of mine, who have made a lengthy contribution to the game on and off-field.

Without all the aforementioned people, I would not have achieved any of this.

Finally, thank you to the fans for your support (and critique!) along the way. Both Port and Freo fans are passionate, vocal and much appreciated.

I am looking forward to what the future brings and excited about the opportunity to join the Indigenous business, Something Wild and returning home to South Australia. Thank you Western Australia for the wonderful state you are. It has been a privilege and honour to play AFL. I wish the Fremantle Football Club success in the future.