AFLW Senior Coach Lisa Webb spoke to media following Fremantle’s 22-point loss against the Swans, and conveyed her pride towards her team’s effort for the 2023 NAB AFLW season.

“We fell short of where we wanted to, but I’m always proud, and I know I say that every week, but I genuinely am,” Webb said.

Webb said she felt the team’s motivation and work rate was there today, however highlights a need to improve on their execution.

“There were opportunities for us today and we didn’t quite get it done,” Webb said.

“They’re really tough in the contest, but we just need to get better at executing.”

Young guns Dana East (24 disposals) and Mim Strom (41 hit-outs) both had an impressive performance today, and also proved a level of consistency throughout the season.

“She (Dana) has come along really well this season, as with Mim Strom with 41 hit-outs, so they’re really getting to work inside,” Webb said.

“Easty (Dana) has been working really hard with Jay Van Berlo at her craft, and I’m proud of how far she’s come, and the direction where she’s heading.”

Fremantle found themselves without some key players at times during the season due to injury, however Webb expressed the importance of giving young talent the opportunity.

“We don’t want to be defined by those top players. We want (the likes of) (Dana) East, and (Mim) Strom to continue to develop and come along,” Webb said.

“That’s where our focus will be, is making sure that we can get the hard work and the effort into those younger players to be able to contribute to the rest of the team, like we know the top players do as well.”


Webb highlighted key defender Emma O’Driscoll, who has proven a strong talent for the backline.

“She (Emma) is a ripper. She’s such a delight to have in our group, she is as determined as ever, and would be as shattered as anyone out there that we didn’t get the win, but she’s constantly improving her game," Webb said.

“She’s one that comes to me every single week, sees her line coach, and she just wants to get better.”

“She’s had a great season and I’m really proud of how much she’s grown as a person as well.”

Confident in the team’s ability, Webb knows the girls can build next season.

“There’s a real excitement for where we’re going and where we’re building to. It’s not going to come easy – we’re going to have to work really hard, but I am, and I know the girls are as determined as ever to get there,” Webb said.

“I love this group – they’re a really strong, connected group, and I said (to them) we just have to stay strong and stick together.”