Lisa Webb has labelled the future as bright for female football at the launch of the WAFL Women’s season for 2024.

The Fremantle AFLW Senior Coach addressed the crowd at the Camfield on Tuesday morning as this year’s WAFLW competition was officially set in motion.

“I came and watched a few games over the weekend, and I look forward to watching the future girls come through – it really is an exciting time in female footy,” Webb said.

“Some of the girls in this room are in their 30s now and have played a lot of consistent football, and I’ve been really blessed to watch their journey from then to now.

“The improvement from five years ago to now is impressive, with the avenues and the resourcing continuing to develop each year.”

Webb said she was keen to work alongside the West Coast Eagles AFLW Senior Coach Daisy Pearce to continue to strengthen Western Australian female football pathways.

“Although Daisy’s at the team down the road, I’m bloody excited to be working with her from a WA perspective and making sure we have great pathways for our girls to stay and play in WA,” Webb said.

Webb emphasised the importance in supporting players off-field, with the league continuing to take steps forward.

“For us, we know it’s not just about football on-field, its off-field too,” Webb said.

“It’s great to have performing players on-field, but how to support them off the field is an important part of football as well.

“We’re really lucky to have Claire Heffernan as our Head of AFLW, and we have a great team around us in wellbeing.

“It’s so important to feel supported by a great group of coaches.

“The transition to having Player Development Managers, Sport Psychologists and great coaches has been a massive step forward.”

The Senior Coach gave some words of wisdom to players of all levels and said there is no limit to learning.

“I learned a lot playing WAFLW and I loved it, Webb said.

“For our girls and the WAFLW girls in the room, to be able to strive and consistently try to learn is something that is instrumental.

“It doesn’t matter when you come into the game, as long as you’re really keen and taking advantage of those avenues to learn and ask questions.

“Make sure you’re asking different people in your network and at your Club.”

Fremantle’s Dana East, Meg Kauffman, Amy Mulholland, Airlie Runnalls, Ariana Hetherington, Jae Flynn, Phil Seth and Tahleah Mulder are all confirmed to be playing some matches in the WAFLW this season.

“We have a couple of our girls battling it out in the WAFLW as well and they’ll get some great touch,” Webb said.

“Hopefully our girls can inspire the WAFLW girls around them to be better and hopefully one day they can be playing with us as well.”

The 2024 WAFL Women’s Season round one games will all take place this Saturday 2 March.

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