Jye Amiss was one of the breakout young talents of season 2023, booting 41 goals in just his second season at the top level, with the young key forward giving credit to his set shot kicking routine for his success in front of goal.

“I think it’s all (kicking technique) built off trust in myself,” Amiss said on SEN WA Wednesday morning.

"I’ve had a goal kicking routine from a young age, and it’s only tinkered a little bit here and there.

“I just want to go out there on the weekend and be able to trust myself no matter the situation, no matter the crowd, the weather and just use my routine to hopefully put them through.

“If there’s a gap where I think I can kick the drop punt, then I will kick a drop punt. If I’m dead in line (with the goalposts) then I’ll go around the corner. 

Across his 28-game career to date, Amiss has a phenomenal goal kicking accuracy percentage of 68.42 from his 52 goals and 24 behinds. A number that sees the young key forward sitting in the top 30 (since 1965) for accuracy in front of goal, alongside AFL legends Matthew Lloyd (68.59%) and Tony Lockett (69.74%).

In round eight of 2022 during his AFL debut, Amiss joined the illustrious first kick, first goal club when the then 18-year-old took an impressive contested mark against North Melbourne, before going back and nailing his set shot. 

Amiss said his routine was formed at a young age by watching key forwards in the likes of Josh Kennedy and Jeremy Cameron, adapting from their routines to what best suited him.

“When the State 12’s was around when I was younger, we were actually forced to come up with a goal kicking routine,” Amiss said.

“I wanted to do everything I could to make it to the top level, so I went back and found one and looked at other people’s goal kicking routines.

“Josh Kennedy was probably one of my favourite players growing up and probably Jeremy Cameron as well."

Amiss’ form has continued early in 2024, with the 20-year-old kicking seven goals across the first three games of the year as the Club prepares to face Carlton during Gather Round on Saturday.