Optus Stadium have officially launched a permanent sensory room for individuals with sensory sensitivities, following trials held by the Purple Hands Foundation and Fremantle Dockers over the last two seasons.

The trials were made possible by the Purple Hands Foundation's major partner, uLaunch - powered by AKG.

Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman said the room is a very important addition to the suite of services offered at the stadium. 

“This space allows people, children and families who have sensory needs to be catered for. It’s a sanctuary for them to take time out if they need to,” Templeman said. 

“The room has been set out through strong advice, support, and consultation from the Purple Hands Foundation and Autism WA. 

“There has been great guidance by them to make sure that when people do go into the room, their needs are catered for. The room is fitted out with appropriate sensory activities and experiences.” 

Autism WA Program Manager Mathew Johnson said the new permanent space creates a more inclusive opportunity for everyone to enjoy the events held at the venue. 

“The advent of this sensory room at Optus Stadium provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals with Autism in their families to come and experience the events on at the Stadium,” Johnson said. 

“Prior to having this sensory room available, people with autism and sensory sensitivities would’ve only had the option to exit the venue entirely should the sensory environment become too overwhelming, or otherwise not attend at all.” 

Johnson explained how the trial project first came to light with feedback from a Fremantle Dockers member. 

“We had an individual who’s a member of the Fremantle Dockers contact the Dockers to request specific inputs to suit his needs, which was really the catalyst to get this started,” Johnson said. 

“Himself and a number of other members of the Dockers community came out, trialled the room, and gave us that valuable feedback.

“It was really well used throughout the season, and we had multiple families coming and going.” 


Purple Hands Foundation General Manager Donna Rendell said working with individuals with Autism in their families was pivotal in bringing the space to life. 

“We’re all working together in collaboration to make sure the delivery of the space is consistent across all the different games and events that are happening here,” Rendell said. 

“We pride ourselves on listening to our members and we really want to make sure that everyone can contribute to society, and this was another way to make that happen.  

“It’s pretty much the DNA of the Fremantle Dockers and Purple Hands that we make sure we create an inclusive environment, and for everyone to come and enjoy this great game as well. 

“It’s a credit to everyone involved that it’s now a permanent space for the stadium, so everyone can enjoy this amazing facility.” 

Sport and Recreation Minister David Templeman said the room is free to attend, with trained staff available to support and assist when required. 

“The room is now available and we’re encouraging everyone who might need to avail themselves of these additional services here at the Optus Stadium to make sure they take advantage of them,” Templeman said. 

Please visit Optus Stadium’s Sensory Room webpage to register attendance in the room at your next event.